Recycled Image. It still looks nice though… :D

I’ll happily admit I’ve spent the weekend faffing.

Half term for the kids ends tomorrow, and I hope next week to return myself to some semblance of normality after our break. I realise that I need to put together a play plan to maintain a measure of sanity whilst we wait for Expansion News (TM), that’s going to combine a reasonably constant level of activity without making me feel its a chore. In terms of levelling, I find myself with the following left to do:

  • Horde Hunter to 85 (84 currently, professions maxxed, waiting for rested to extend to 85)
  • Paladin to 85 (82 right now, needs a fair deal of work)
  • (Possibly) Maxxing the Horde Rogue depending on available time.

P will begin tonight knocking off the last of the Kalimdor Quests so I can finally finish all the available content. After that, I have a routine planned for whenever I log to maximise the gold potential if I don’t have the urge to grind for cash/farm raw materials:

  • Log any alt
  • Go to Dalaran
  • Do Fishing Daily
  • Go to Tournament
  • Earn Seals (for mounts/pets depending on alt)
  • Run Utgarde Pinnacle for mount
  • HS to SW
  • Fly to Shattrath
  • Do Fishing Daily
  • Go to Sethekk Halls for mount

Most of my alts are at a reasonable level with Tournament to make this viable: Fishing Dailies will provide Water Walking Potions and Deviate Fish (which always sell well) Miners will get ore, herbers flowers, plus there will be cloth for bags: all will be piled and sold. It doesn’t matter which alt gets the mounts either any more, which should give me a chance to faff on a number of people. The Lock could do with inserting JC Dailies into that routine, the Main Druid is eight points away from max fishing, and the Horde Hunter could do all those while waiting for LFG’s to level. All told, this seems the most effective use of my time in terms of subsistence playing.

There are then other (less pressing) projects to consider:

  • Mogging Outfit for Horde Hunter. Suspect this may involve farming in Scholomance :p
  • Making some Choppers to ‘position’ in the Vanity Guild bank.
  • Farming soulbound pets to stockpile once Pet Battles go active.
  • Bag production using Karazhan and Icecrown humanoids.
  • Stockpiling cloth for First Aid and Dreamcloth transmutes
  • Stockpiling raw materials for professions levelling.

As to what happens in Guild, I think we’re going to have to play it by ear. Its been a very quiet weekend (because a few people are away) and I hope we might be able to get some current content running before everything changes, but I’m not going to get upset at the lack of activity. There is plenty to do, after all… :D

I also need to get the Minipets Database up and running properly, and give the website a once over.

Looks like I won’t be lost for distractions…

One thought on “So Much to Do…

  1. If you have a horde toon you dont play a lot drop him just outside wailing caverns, you can fish deviate pools and because there are 2 water areas there is always a pool ready to be fished. Also there is a rare mob that swims in the water that can drop decent greens for transmog/levelling toons.

    How much gold do you have now? try and set a weekly gold goal will help you see how you are doing each week.

    I'm in process of levelling fishing on 1 horde 1 ally toon i love that you can do 1-525 in one spot <3


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