Looking good, Nagrand :D

This is my last day ‘in the office’ for a while. Tomorrow I’m off with the rest of my family, plus my parents and my brother and his family, for a ‘family activity week for five days.’ Needless to say, I will need a holiday on my return. Until Friday therefore, communication will be limited to when I can sneak off and find a net connection in the middle of (relative) nowhere.

If you really want to know what I’m up to, I suspect Twitter will get some pictures.

I’d like to apologise to those of you therefore who promised to play with the Pet Database for not getting myself sorted before my departure: rest assured it will be fixed on my return. Part of me is kinda hoping that we’ll get the release date while I’m away but I’m resigned to the fact we’re likely to see pet battles active on beta before that happens. Whatever happens, I’ll try and keep on top of the news as I get it.

Oh, and before anyone reminds me I should be relaxing and not be worrying about such things, I’d point out you’ve never been on holiday with my parents and brother ^^

I’m still here, just I won’t be here.

I’m leaving my hunter in Nagrand to remind me what kind of holiday I’d really like to take some time soon… :D

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