Making money. Air is always a good call :D

The Auction House, on my (normally busy) server, has officially gone into freefall. Stuff keeps coming back unsold. The bottom has finally fallen out of leather. My husband, logging on last night to see me as the only person in the Dwarven District AH, remarked ‘your release date would be a good idea right now to get some people back in here.’

There will inevitably be a pickup as soon as we know the Pandaria release date, as people return to frantically level alts/professions/professions alts, but for now I am faced with a rethink. Many of my normal avenues of gold generation have effectively vanished. It is time for a new plan, but I can see some of you wondering why I’m bothering. How much gold do I need, anyway?

The answer is quite a bit, actually.

The Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak were EVERYWHERE on Beta this week, and at least once a minute while I was data inputting for the Pet Database I’d see someone in Trade ask where to get one. That alone is going to cost a whopping 60,000g without discounts: fortunately I don’t have to buy any more than one (Benefits of Account Mounts #21) but that’s still quite a purchase. There are a significant number of new ‘normal’ mounts too, at least 5000g each. That’s before we start considering armour upgrades, recipes, factions… oh yeah, and that Black Market Auction House.

I reckon I’ll need some more gold, you know, just in case :p

Stuff is still selling: enchanting mats and raw ore both seem fairly solid so I did some test runs last night through heroic Northrend content and across Nagrand to see just how robust the market actually is. I picked Wrath dungeons for the Frostweave, which I’m going to begin to stockpile to make bags. Adamantite and Khorium seem particularly sensible because I’m betting once people realise there are two new engineering mounts, there will be a turn to the profession. I am yet to check my endeavours from last night but I will report here via an edit how I did.

If this fails to turn a decent night’s income, there’s still a lot I can do. If it doesn’t however, things are clearly a lot worse than I thought, and it might be time to start hassling Blizzard to get a move on… ^^ I’m not sure my market’s going to hang around for the summer…

[EDIT: Good sales! Adamantite, Book of Glyph Mastery, Arctic Fur and enchanting mats all did the business last night!]

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