I’ll be over here…

Nothing has happened correctly today.

It all started auspiciously enough: three rares in Blades Edge (whilst doing daily cookery) and then Vyragosa in Storm Peaks and then… Those are the moments when I realise I will never have the time to lose it over the TLPD spawn. It’s a shame because of all the mounts in game I’d like it the most not because of the rarity, but because of the colour. I’m a big fan of colour, especially on days like these.

The rest of the day has conspired against me, and to cap it all my body’s decided it’s had enough after a week’s worth of gym visits in an attempt to get back into shape.

I’m getting too old for this stuff.

Tonight therefore may briefly involve me swinging past Bor’s Breath… you know, just in case.

One day I might get lucky, but I’m sure as heck not changing my life just for one mount, even thought I wish I could (sometimes)

Not ’til I can read by the moon am I going anywhere…

2 thoughts on “Fugitive Motel

  1. That is something that has eluded me as well. Every day in wrath I sort of camped it. I did a route collecting herbs there daily, just to see if it would spawn. I would make sure wherever I went, I passed there on my way even if it was out of my way. I hung out there while waiting for raids. I most have spent more time there than any other place in game and I've never even seen its dead body.

    But as I have learned, in time, things will come.

    No need to change your life. Just make a pass by there every so often. Perhaps luck will shine on you one day.


  2. TLPD and Aeonaxx are two mounts I'd very much like and have most certainly put in the effort for. I figure it's the counter balance to finding Loque for the 10th time as of this morning. *sigh*

    Love that screenshot, by the way.


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