A picture paints a thousand words…

With the release of the latest beta build, it is becoming clear that Blizzard’s moving towards a whole new way of levelling certain professions.

El’s produced an excellent and succinct guide on how Cookery is going to function come the Expansion, and I see no need to duplicate that here, save to make a point based on the Daily Quest which uses the containers above. You can bundle 20 of ANY ingredient, it appears, and this then forms the basis of the reward. What else will you be able to do with these crates?

I think it is fair to speculate that we’ll see this method of ‘crating’ (which we know is going to be active in Archaeology as well) as a key constituent of the Tiller’s Farm faction’s rep gathering methods. What is not clear for instance, is whether an item like the Red Blossom Leek is going to be a drop from a mob or (which is looking increasingly possible) whether a Tiller Farm ‘grows’ the item which can then be sold on the AH or exchanged for more rep. If so, anyone wishing to level cookery is going to want to seriously consider starting a farm on at least one character. With cross account achievements a consideration, it now looks rather attractive for me to assign an alt to farm separate from my main levelling alts, and perhaps leave them to do this exclusively as a way to more efficiently distribute the materials across the ‘family.’

These crates also have a L90 restriction. I wonder if this means the Tillers Farms will also be unavailable until max level…?

Both herb and mining nodes are now active in the Jade Forest (allowing my Alchemist/herber to not only gather but make some Elixirs, which confirms that the proc system’s still functioning) Perhaps it’s time to start killing some tigers again in the hope that Raw Tiger Steak will start dropping… :D

2 thoughts on “[BETA] The Way of the Container

  1. “I wonder if this means the Tillers Farms will also be unavailable until max level…?”

    Given that the guy who appears to start off their dailies/quest chain still has a silver exclamation mark to my lv 88 Priest, I'm going to guess yes.
    I think some of the dailies require flying mounts so Blizzard don't have much of a choice.


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