It is going to be a busy week here at ALT:ernative Towers. I am hoping we’ll be able to get the Mini Pet Database live at some point, I have another ‘secret project’ in the early development stages and on top of all this I really should be playing Diablo 3 writing my end of term assessment, or rather editing it so it fits the word count. Still, we have managed to insert some primary gaming :D

Yes, it’s a gathering ding :D

The Mogging/Gathering Hunter is now 85, leaving the Horde hunter and my Paladin as the two remaining alts not maxxed. There is also the Goblin Rogue, who if my estimates of release date go well astray might also make it to a loftier reach than L20. For now however the Grand Plan is coming to fruition. What I need to do next is get working on some more mounts via P for the Alliance folks to share, and some Crusade quests/reputation on the Horde hunter to pick up the Dark Side equivalent.

Needless to say, I am trying to do everything: today that’s not been too hard but I might begin to struggle at the end of the week… :D

4 thoughts on “If it’s Monday, I must be Faffing…

  1. Is big hairy Congo rats!

    “Faffing” were not a word in me vocabularities, and it looks way too similars to a word what be different, but not all that much. So, I had a startled with that post title. Is all good now though, and I knows a new word. So yay!


  2. Yay woman!
    Oh, and I keep forgetting, where do I write about my guess date for release? I'm going to write it here since this is a post about faffing. August 15!


  3. @ Nav: you need to post it on Twitter with the hashtag #mopreleasedate. However, the 15th is a Wednesday so you'd need to take the 14th as the release date will be a Tuesday…

    I look forward to seeing your Tweet soon!


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