This is the third post published (thus far) in association with the Newbie Blogger Initiative.


This week, like most that I end up involved in, has not gone exactly to plan.
I had intended to post a NBI aside every day this week, but Real Life inevitably got in the way. Wednesday-Saturday was, unsurprisingly, stymied not simply by Diablo 3 but some fairly serious Real Life considerations. It bought home to me a fact I’d not even considered when I’d been planning out my posts for this week: sometimes, try as you might. you just don’t get what you want. All the planning in the world cannot cover the last minute change. 
The trick is to learn and move on.
The moving on part is particularly important.
I’ve been part of a Writing Course at my local college since September. As time has gone on, more and more people have failed to turn up. Some complained the course was too hard. Some apologised they were writing and were too busy to make it to show their work, which is (of course) a perfectly plausible excuse. If given a choice between writing (making no money) and your paid job, I think it’s fair to say most sensible people will take the money and run. 
Except people like me.
I am here admitting I had a plan and it failed. However, it won’t stop me writing. Those posts I planned to share will be presented: I know it won’t be this month (because I have an important assessment to complete before May is done) but you will get to see them, perhaps even outside the one month auspice of the NBI. I want to write them because they are important to me, and I think they may be helpful to you guys. The issue for me becomes a time-scale I need to ‘juggle’ to accommodate everything, and that writing is often anything but an exact science.
The lesson I pass on here as a result is two-fold. If you make a commitment on your blog, it is both polite and sensible to follow through for the sake of your readership. They expect you to treat them with respect, and they deserve that whenever you engage them. If, when all else fails, you are unable to deliver what you have promised, be totally honest with your readership, and don’t be afraid to apologise. Saying sorry is not a weakness, it is a way to prove you understand what you’re doing and that feelings can be hurt if you deceive.
I’m sorry I promised seven posts and you’ve only got three so far. The rest will come, I promise… watch this space :D

One thought on “Seven Days :: The Best Laid Plans…

  1. dont worry TBH the other day I was thinking man I do a lot of gaming but still there's loads in game I need to do but there is never enough time to do it all. then it made me think how do you (bloggers/podcast makers) do it gaming, real life and making great post's I really got to take my hat off to you guys/ladies!.


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