The benefits of aoe looting in action. 10 cloth in one go \o/

The Hunter is L87. I got the last five bars farming an area of the Beta that allowed me to pull in over 150 cloth in 40 minutes, and as a result I won’t be broadcasting the location too obviously for now incase a) it gets shut down and because b) I’d like a crack at it on Live first. That’s a spot for a new Potion of Plunder if ever I found one…

As you can see, as you ding you are given useful tidbits of information, including which dungeons you can now play in. The new Age of Information also tells me I have Stampede… except I don’t, as I have two exotics in my 5 slots right now and am rocking a SV/MM dual spec. I’ll need to go sort that out tomorrow, then.

Right, what else did we discover on or Archy-themed faff today? Ah yes, kites have changed.

It’s not a kite, it’s a hand glider, or it will be…

Either it’s a bug, or else they’ve decided you don’t sit on the kites any more, you hang under them. Whatever the issue, it needs work.

I’m also amazed at the number of new critters that have been added to the Pet Battles stable:

One of four newly-listed pets I’ve come across today.

Mini pets are quite frankly EVERYWHERE. You can’t go into a single zone without tripping over them and they are easy to identify by the class markers on their portraits. I’m hoping my UI addon’s not going to have a moment when we get to Live as a result. I found four pets on my brief digfest: The Tanuki above, a Malayan Quillrat plus both a normal and Shy Bandicoon. This makes me think I need to get a wiggle on with the pet database… :D

Finally, MMO reported this morning they’d had a sniff at the working Theramore scenario, which I think is another indicator that the release date is sooner rather than later. It may have been closed off for now, but there’s a fairly obvious clue as to who starts it in game:

Don’t mind me in the Throne Room, move along now…

Time is moving on. Things are becoming more and more finished. Expect some BIG beta pushes starting next week, I’d say. In fact I’d expect to see something major VERY soon… :D

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