PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be a parachute cloak type item :D

The latest data mining from the current beta Build hinted at some fairly significant changes to Archaeology: crating items, achievements for multiple solves of the same artifacts and some cool new helpers in your digging endeavours. What the data mining didn’t indicate is what might be a fundamental change to the business of artefact construction. Looking at what I’ve found this morning, I’d say we’ll no longer see you solving items that become ‘grey’ trash to vend, but that every solve will count towards creating something of value.

Let’s show you what had happened to my previous solves when I logged in this morning to demonstrate what I mean.

Low level fragments are no longer grey, they have a purpose.

I’m going to guess that this will be how Archaeology in Pandaria will pan out:

  • Each Pandaren site has six solves, which rewards a digger with X fragments
  • Each solve creates part of a larger item (Y) which you need to combine with a number of other of the same items into a crate, which you will then hand into the Pandarens for a reward.
  • There is the chance on solving with your X fragments to make a Pristine Item (Z) with a higher value:
Normal solve of a Mogu Coin

Labelled ‘Test Project’ on the Beta.

Note the green ‘Pristine’ rarity and the increased sale value. I’m betting if you want to just vend them you can, but that handing these in to a quest giver is likely to yield some rewards. Looking at the relative sale prices of these items I’m also going to suggest that you’ll need either 5 or 10 of the lower value items to combine into a crate (as I know Blizzard like to keep these things simple). I’m also betting those rewards don’t exist yet as the Archaeology interface is pretty much as it was since Beta began. Let us hope the love is coming soon…

This then begs the question of what happens to all the other archaeological sites. I am going to assume, as datamining confirms the existence of crates for the Vykrul, that we might see this new method of solving retro-fitted to the framework once it has been tested. Certainly the solve frequency increased once the Beta began, it would be logical to assume this method would be employed across the board, but as yet there are no indicators in the Old World to support this. However, it is still more profitable to solve in pure XP terms in Azeroth than in Pandaria. I am increasingly of the opinion this will change when the game goes live.

As I now have a rare active I will be digging to solve it, and rest assured I’ll keep my eyes on any changes to digging and solving… :D

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