Like you needed an excuse to level Engineering for the Expansion… ^^ Picture from Wowhead

We’re about to get Beta Build 15699 on the Servers, and as you can see from the above, things are beginning to look rather well though out. Engineers have not only been gifted the above item, but it looks like they have two new mounts to craft. Icons and achievements are coming thick and fast, but the most interesting piece of datamined material was highlighted by MMO: there’s a new set of items for Brewfest [*]:

Cap from MMO’s site. Stat inflation ftw ^^

As was pointed out on the World of Warcraft sub-Reddit, Brewfest begins September 20th. These items are clearly Pandaran ready. This could be a fairly decent indicator therefore that we’ll get the Expansion before this holiday hits, which is likely to mean once the dust settles on New Tristram we can expect some fairly major movement on the stuff we’ve not yet seen. Pet battles are very close to being done. Scenario data is buried in the game files. I’d not be surprised to see a flurry of activity as a result this weekend…

You know, that late July release date’s looking more and more possible… :P

[*] Hallow’s End items are also updated.

4 thoughts on “[BETA] How Soon is Now…?

  1. I'd say it's more likely that the Brewfest and Hallow's End items are there in case the expansion can be released in time for either or both of those holiday events, not as a signal that they intend it to be released before both of them.

    In other words, they're covering themselves against all evntualities, so that if the expansion doesn't ship until, say, November, the items will only need a quick uplift in stats for 2013's events.


  2. Going to have to agree to disagree here, sorry. I don't see this as covering all the bases, but as work that needs to be done because these events will be live for Pandaria. If they weren't necessary we'd have not seen them in this data push at all, the fact they are here points to Blizzard having a plan that does not include this as a Q4 launch.

    This is the first real indicator that points a timeline… I'm prepared to admit my late July bet might be pushing it, but August would be just right as this Festival would then be a great way for people to gear for dungeons… :D


  3. I would have to agree with Godmother here because of the item level on the things.

    The first pass through the items are always decent for the time they are released. I already have 434 items on my 89 hunter, so those items are surely meant to be starter, easy to get, 90 gear.

    If they where meant for the year after they would be a much higher item level. If they stayed at that level and were not used until the holiday after they would be mostly useless. I don't see that happening.

    Again, they can always adjust stats later if needed, but showing as is, the intention to clearly for mists to be out before those holidays.

    August, 7th, to be more precise. ;)


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