Sometimes, less thought is more productive.

My priest has, for quite some time, been a neglected part of my game time. She languished sub-85 for an age, mostly because levelling as Holy is horrendous even with the quality of life improvements made to help you. I bit the bullet and went Shadow for the last 1.5 levels, and now I’m actually rather enjoying healing in LFR, although healing subtlety are words most people don’t even have in their vocabularies. I decided therefore, on a whim, to try and redesign her mogged gear to something that a) actually looked a bit priestly and b) that reflected her personality, which has always been about getting the job done well without really worrying too much about the way she looks whilst doing so.

There is an inherent problem with Gnomes and dresses, in my opinion: they just look WRONG. Everything is squashed and compacted because of frame size. Shirts and trousers therefore look so much better. I briefly flirted with getting Tier but was only able via a run in MC to get the T1 shoulders to drop… which ended up being my starting point. The Mantle of Prophecy looks fabulous on the gnome frame and the red, black and gold became the basis of my colour scheme. I was able to utilise the Shadow Council boots and gloves I already had, as their details matched well with the Demonweave Raiment I chose to be my blouse (it’s a bit too ostentatious to be a shirt I think ^^)  I was wearing red trousers for a while until I decided that, as is often the case in Azeroth, black trousers beat all-comers. I therefore spent Justice Points on Legwraps of the Master Conjurer which I think focus interest back to the top part of the outfit.

I even changed my hair colour. That NEVER happens :D

If I’m overly precious the shoulder ‘red’ isn’t an exact match for the blouse ‘red’ but I rationalise this as it’s because the shoulders are older than the rest of the outfit (I inherited them!) and I wear them to remind me of my heritage, with the rest of the outfit my no-nonsense approach to healing. It’s my equivalent of the jacket my father gave me when I was old enough to appreciate its significance…

Considering this took an hour to put together last night from AH purchases only, I think it worked out rather well.

  • Mantle of Prophecy
  • Eidolon Cloak
  • Demonweave Raiment
  • Silver-Thread Cuffs
  • Shadow Council Gloves
  • Slavehandler Belt
  • Legwraps of the Master Conjurer
  • Shadow Council Boots
  • Black Duskwood Staff

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