In the first of an occasional series inspired by nothing in particular, just a desire to ‘see how long it would take’, I do random things and blog the results. This morning: making Water Walking potions.

Dalaran: best for Fish Quests (until we get the Pandas)

I do the Dalaran Fishing Dailies as often as I can. It’s not simply because the reward bags are far superior to the SW ones, it’s because of the Water Walking potions. As I only have the Shaman and Priest who don’t need them, everyone else needs a hand, and these things are especially useful in places like Darkmoon Island and Tol Barad where avoiding land mass speeds up the fishing process. This morning I decided I’d see how long it would take to make a stack of my own, as the main ingredient of the potion, the Glassfin Minnow, can be fished directly underneath Dalaran itself.

The process is, it must first be stated, pretty time-consuming:

  • To make 1 Ethereal Oil requires 2 Glassfin Minnow
  • To make 1 Elixir of Water Walking requires 3 Ethereal Oil
  • This means you need 120 Fish for one stack ^^

However, with the right alt this process can have advantages. I chose to use my Druid Alchemist (who is Elixir specced, thus giving a chance for extra procs on manufacture) who is not yet maxxed in Fishing skill. I also chose to fish only from pools which would give me a chance to catch the Sea Turtle as well (I didn’t, but I like to maximise opportunity :P)

It took just under an hour to get the fish I needed, and I had no competition at all whilst I fished. I increased my skill by 22 points, from 458 to 480. Using my fishing hat and pole, I had a skill of 521 and only caught a junk item once.

One hour’s work. Not too bad, really.

The resultant 60 oil made 22 Water Walkers. I intend to leave my Druid in Dalaran and repeat this process until a) she’s maxxed for skill and b) I have a couple of stacks of Elixirs to use when the Pandas appear. This also means I’m in the right place for the Daily without a trip up.

If you have a main or an alt not yet maxxed for Fishing and want an item that sells well or that will be useful to have in your bags come Pandaria, you could do a lot worse than spend an hour grabbing these fish and finding a friendly Alchemist to make them for you… :D


TIME AND MOTION CONCLUSION: Worth the work for a consistently useful item and the fringe benefits. Pygmy Oil from the Suckerfish sells well, or the fish alone sells to Alchemists levelling, of which there will be a fair few pre-Expansion… plus these things also have a chance to drop from the Dalaran Fishing Daily bags. Kill several birds with one stone!

One thought on “Time & Motion #1 :: Elixir of Water Walking

  1. These dropped so frequently from the Fishing bags, I've got a number of stacks sitting on a bank alt from back in the day.

    I must start up the Dalaran fishing & cooking dailies again, if only for the potential for high-value vendor trash from the former and restocking of Baby Spice from the latter.


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