Cap from Wowhead. Speculation from me… ^^

This morning, in the latest beta push, this item appeared in the game files.

There was an undeniable flurry of interest after it’s existence was pointed out. Wowhead, who were first with the datamining, decided to interpret the appearance of a bind to account cookery book as follows:

Possible indication that secondary skills will be cross account; if you have 400 cooking, your alts could too.

Yes, I’d agree that this is a possible indication. It could also be as was pointed out by @elsanglin on Twitter as simply a way to test a way to transfer recipes across accounts. That green text after all isn’t being any more specific.

I however have another theory, and if this were to prove correct it would pave the way for secondary professions to stop being the chore they often are on alts and simply boil down (no pun intended) to dropping some gold.

Books that are bound to Battle.net accounts are nothing new, after all. The Cold Weather Flying book, for instance, was purchasable at maximum rep on your character of choice for a mere 500g to be sent to any alt who needed to zip around Northrend, but couldn’t easily make it to Dalaran to learn the skill. The book, as a concept worked brilliantly, so why not make one for each level of cookery? By paying a set cost and learning the book, you’d have all the recipes you needed plus the appropriate skill without any of the annoying faffing around that accompanies it.

There’s also a precedent that’s been set on this front: Blizzard have already done this with bandages. If you Resurrected a Friend with a scroll recently they’ll arrive at L80 with a maxxed First Aid Skill, regardless of their ability previous to resurrection. The programming is already in place, why not use it and give the game another gold sink: could it be that First Aid, Cookery and Fishing will all be learnable to the Cataclysm 525 skill level come the Expansion via these handy-dandy books?

Don’t expect to see the books exceeding that level until the next expansion, but if this were the way things were panning out it would make a great deal of sense. The major downside to this of course are the number of achievements attached to Cookery, but one assumes that with some changes (make the achievement not for learning recipes but for cooking their resulting goods) it wouldn’t be hard to amend them to fit the plan…

Would be we be lucky enough that you could do this with Archaeology too?

One thought on “[BETA] Cooking up a Storm…?

  1. Interesting piece of data-mining related to this: The game's internal SkillLine table, which defines groups of spells, such as professions or specializations, contains 2 new lines related to Apprentice and Journeyman (IDs 981 and 982). Both sets only contain one spell, in one case the same spell triggered by the item you discuss ( http://mop.wowhead.com/spell=125889 ).

    Why am I highlighting this? Because there is absolutely no reason to assign a spell to a new SkillLine group, unless that group is going to be treated very specially – for example, learnt akin to a specialization or new psuedo-profession. That doesn't answer the question, what is it for, but it does suggest this item isn't as simple as whatever we think it is.

    (In other news there are a lot of cooking specialization tests ongoing – http://www.elsanglin.com/news/mop-cooking-specializations.html . Lower-level food stats have been tweaked in places, but not by much – essentially what we're seeing is bad datamining of a changed data structure. Such changes are often almost impossible for data-miners to decode before seeing the results in-game.)


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