You’re warned, this is a Mogging Post.

Work in Progress #277: Still not certain.

I am searching for the right purple outfit.

This particular search has gone on for some time, since before I knew mogging was coming. My problem with the current crop of purple items in game is that, if you’re looking for mail, you are pretty much out of luck, unless you want to look like a clown. Subtle is hard work. The introduction of the new PvP Tier however gave me some cause for minor celebration: shoulders were a HUGE sticking point as I deliberately wanted something with less defined purple elements. It also gave me a pair of boots that would work with the all-important black trousers.

My Nelf Hunter was a dry run in an attempt to nail this outfit down: I don’t think that look would have worked without hair to compliment it, and I stand by that assertion having tried the outfit onto my main. Because her hair colour remains deliberately static I keep coming back to purple. It’s my favourite colour for a reason.

These trousers, for any mail users, are frankly indispensable. If I wasn’t forced to mog my belt I’d hide it altogether as the skin itself has its own one ‘built in’ which frankly looks much, much better than the one I have chosen here. For now however I’m not comfortable with anything else apart from the legs, boots, shoulders and chest and I suspect there will be much, much faffing in the weeks to come. I post this here in the hope that people may have some ideas of alternative items that might work better, especially on the hands and waist.

For now, it is back to the Mog It Drawing Board… :D

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