With the break to Paris and the release competition, I’d totally forgotten this week was Darkmoon Faire, which meant it was time to further advance the Mount Collection:

Bear Mount. Style optional.

I didn’t like this bear when I first saw the skin, and nothing has changed in the intervening period. It’s an ugly saddle and the whole ‘floaty eye’ thing is just… well… odd. However the more I think about it this bear fits in with the Slightly Creepy Faire Thang. I’m halfway towards having the tickets for the other mount, and one more month of handing in the Artifacts and doing Dailies should get me there (I think) after which… well, that’s P done. Tickets become surplus to requirement until the Expansion and (assuming) that something will come along that’s worth doing the work for…

Next up, therefore, will be a Tournament mount, unless the Circuit of Disappointment yields fruit. I’m currently farming (semi-seriously) at the following locations:

  • Utgarde Pinnacle (Blue Proto Drake)
  • Heroic Setthekk Halls (Anzu)
  • Normal Stonecore (Vitreous Stone Drake)
  • Normal Vortex Pinnacle (Drake of the North Wind)

The last two I am yet to properly solo but will be attempting to do so after I’m done with OU Assessments. There are also a bunch of other mounts I can obtain through (not appallingly difficult) means:

  • Stormwind Steed
  • Darnassian Nightsaber
  • Ironforge Ram
  • Quel’dorei Steed (all four of the above from the Tournament)
  • Sandstone Drake (almost transmuted all the Truegold required)
  • Grand Ice Mammoth (needs moar cash after I drop 26,100g on the Vial of the Sands :p)
  • Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank (needs a large glob of luck and MUCH DIGGING)

My plan therefore is to aim for 140 mounts before the Expansion hits… and then start again :D

6 thoughts on “#132

  1. Congrats on your new bear. It does the bear dance, that is enough to make up for any looks in my opinion. I love the bear dance.

    IS it your hunter you are soloing SC and VP with?

    I can write you a nice quick and easy guide to soloing both of them. I was able to solo both as soon as I hit 85 and didn't even have all 346 gear yet. Both are super easy to solo for a hunter.

    I got the VP one, still do not have the SC one. Maybe because in VP you can get to the bosses without fighting anything and SC you have to waste time fighting so it is less appealing to do “just for something to do” but at least you do not have to fight the first boss there.


  2. Okay. Super quick version.

    MM spec for VP.

    VP – Stealth past everything, just take it slow and you will learn the path. If you grab aggro, move to a safe place and FD. Do not have your pet out while running around until you know the path.

    First boss – There are these club looking things on the ground. Run in and stand on the one just to the left, about mid room from the center to the outside. The winds will never hit you there. Pew pew the boss down. Throw a mend pet if needed, always use MD before the Chimera/arcane/arcane phase.

    If you do not have the DPS to make it a 1 minute fight, change to aspect of the wild each time the cyclones go in, this will reduce damage to near nothing. I had to do this at the start before I had awesome gear to down him fast.

    Path to second boss is same as the first, stealth past everything. Pew pew the two balls to walk past them. Go camo again and go to the boss.

    Second boss – Place pet with move at the bottom of the steps you start at. MD to pet, blow all cooldowns at the start. Move with winds as you can. If you need more room, pop pet on to passive once to move them back and then assist again to start attacking. His move to position will assure you always have room to move. Blow up the boss, keep pet healed, it will take a lot of damage here.

    If you do not have the DPS to ignore the breaths because it is killing you, this is the reason you are MM. First breath aimed at you, FD at 1/3 of the cast time, it stops it completely. Second breath, deterence. Third breath FD again. After that, hit readiness, 4th FD, 5th Det, 6th FD. If it goes further than that, you are dead anyway. This is how I did it when I was first doing it and did not have amazing gear to down it fast. Now I just ignore the breaths, maybe FD once to avoid the damage from it. Chim will be enough to keep you up if your gear is good enough, and the 6 avoids will keep you up if your gear is not.

    For SV spec for SC.

    SC –

    Ice trap the one that will turn into the spinner, wyvren another. Pew pew millhouse. Dismiss pet, FD.

    Camo around the rest of the first pack and the second pack. Kill the third pack completely. Ice one, sting another, kill two, kill the other two.

    Now go back to the second pack. Ice one, sting another, pew pew millhouse. When he runs, dismiss pet, FD.

    Now walk down to the end, the worm comes out and breaks the wall.

    Camo, go to boss. Kill boss and loot dragon hopefully.

    Things to watch for. MD in air as often as you can, your pet will not be doing any damage, thus no threat. Watch out for getting out of LoS for mend pet, it will be needed. Otherwise you should take 0 damage yourself the whole fight. Just pew pew and keep your pet up. Nice and easy.

    Good luck.


  3. How will the account-bound mount changes be impacting on your circuit of disappointment? Are you going to be lining up multple alts to repeat instances on lock-out?


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