Yes, it’s Contest Time!

It’s Tuesday. WHEN Mists of Pandaria releases, this will be the day it happens (traditionally to correspond with US maintenance) The only thing we don’t know as yet is which Tuesday it is going to be. That’s where you, and this contest come in.

The principle is simple: you need to predict the next World of Warcraft expansion release date. I’ll need both a month and a Tuesday for your entry to count, so go look at your calendars before you commit! When you have an entry you’re happy with it is time to utilise the modern marvel that is Twitter, including in said Tweet the following handy-dandy hash tag:

If Twitter is a foreign country to you, this might be a fine opportunity to sign up and enjoy the entire experience. Mashable has a decent starter guide if you are a complete newcomer, with a no-nonsense accompanying guidebook to what’s what. Don’t be daunted by the new technology, it’s engaging and shiny, and if you need someone to talk to you can find me @AlternativeChat where I will be happy to give you a cheery /wave in 140 characters or less :D Oh, and you don’t need a mobile phone to enjoy the experience… :D

We’ve anticipated that more than one of you might like to pick the same date as well, and so there will be five winners for this contest. Each Tuesday from now until the eventual release date has five ‘slots’ that can be filled by a potential Tweet. So if you pick the same Tuesday as someone else don’t panic, as long as there’s still a slot on that particular Tuesday free, your entry is sound. The prize, as discussed last week, will be an elegantly-tooled t-shirt informing the world in general of your guessing prowess. This shirt will be available in either blue or red, depending on your faction bias, in a choice of sizes and either as a ‘normal’ shirt or an alternative feminine shape for those who prefer them. As a reminder, here’s the text you’ll receive on your shirt of choice:

Our crack team of web monkeys will regularly collate the entries and a website will run as the contest continues to help you keep track of who has snagged which date. Once Blizzard officially says the word the contest will close and the closest five entries to the actual date will run off with the prizes. In the event of lots of people being close, we will pick the five entries that were received the earliest, so there is also merit in getting your entries tweeted sooner rather than later…

Any queries, issues, or abuse that this contest is just a shameless attempt to waste time before the expansion appears, tweet or mail me using my details on the Q&A Page.

Let’s get to it! Tweet away and I’ll look forward to posting the first set of entries this time next week, which has been officially deemed Tuesday Contest Update Day :D

[EDIT: Due to the (hugely encouraging) number of early entries a Grid of Guesses is already up. Click here to see who has already entered and what dates they have taken!]

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