Sometimes an idea is so simple and brilliant you can’t ignore it. I’m going to be quite vocal this weekend about my decision to predict the Mists of Pandaria release date. This has resulted in an impromptu bet with my good Twitter buddy @wowmartiean, which we will cover in a separate post. This also began me thinking, I should get other people involved in this. It occurs to me that Twitter is the perfect social media with which to do so, and so I’m going to throw caution to the wind and pitch this before someone else does, because I think it’s that great an idea.

The contest will open on Tuesday, May 8th, so you have the weekend if you’re not yet plugged into the social behemoth that is Twitter to sort yourself an account. It’s going to be simple enough: pick your release date, tweet it with  the hashtag #mopreleasedate and it’s job done. There will be some rules however, so hang onto your guesses for now.

Oh and there will be prizes: five of them, to be exact (which will become clear when we start this properly) For now, if there were to be a prize that actually existed for this, the text would look a bit like this:

Colour and text subject to change. You get the idea.

You have the weekend to get yourself organised. Go to it!

2 thoughts on “The Predict via Twitter the Warcraft Expansion Release Date Contest!

  1. I don't use twitter but I will leave August 7th (or sooner) here for the hell of it. ;)

    That is mostly wishful thinking but you never know. I've seen stranger things happen.


  2. LOL what a fun idea Godmother! Gosh, I will totally stuff up the time, so I'll have to watch your blog closely since I'm trying to cut back on my twitter :)


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