So, I’m a 580/600 Leatherworker on Beta :D

The latest patch has given a massive Professions push, and not simply the obvious.

No time to clone a neat name removal, this will do :D

I defer to @elsanglin who has informed me that my initial supposition that Chef Awards have gone is infact incorrect. I didn’t think it would be possible that DALARAN cookery awards would be upgraded but yes, I have 154 of those on live. I’m quite stunned by this change, especially if Epicurian Awards will give me something more than just Dalaran recipes in the Expansion. It also looks as if all cookery stuff will be available from a vendor in Pandaria, if this tooltip is any indicator…

Is this the start of a larger change? PLEASE SAY YES!

Anyway, I have been distracted by food (no surprise there). Let’s go back to the leather:

Interface change incoming!

First up, the searching functions in the window have been altered. PLEASE LET THE DATABASE BE CHANGING, let this be the start of an overhaul of all the Professions recipes… :D Sadly I don’t have time this morning to check over all the older recipes but I will, oh yes. For now, I’ll be ensuring I save mats to grab at least a five point boost with a leg armour craft before I even hit Pandaria :D

The key here for leatherworkers: Leather gear is just Sha Leather… hang on, what’s Sha Leather?

Yes, I was confused…

Tanji leather has had a name change, it’s now all Sha. Sha’s that nasty dark energy the Pandas are having trouble with, and is further reflected in the new tooltip:

I can haz skillz!

So all basic recipes and leather gear is Sha leather, LOTS of it. As there are no skinnable dragons in Pandaria that I have found as yet, the mail folks are going to need Prismatic Scale. I sense a session of skinning anything with a pulse upcoming to identify the best sources of Prismatic before we go Live…

Scalable Enchants, eh?

By far the most significant change I’m reporting here is the fact that for LW-ers levelling, your leg armour will now scale with your progression. Note here there is no level restriction on the item, and it doesn’t distinguish between Cataclysm and Pandaria gear sets. I attached this to my non-upgraded 397 set with no issue.

There is tons more, including mounts already being linked across accounts, but I don’t have any more time today as I have to go travel through a 26 mile long tunnel and go see some mouse about a Magic Kingdom. I’ll still be posting LIVE from a Hotel room in Paris, however, so you have been warned. You don’t escape my clutches that easily… :D

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