It’s always the way: I’m away this weekend and have a bazillion things to do AND NO TIME and we get what looks like one of the most significant Beta pushes for a while. Let us see how much information I can pass onto you from simply one hour of poking about.

Well, there’s a few bits here to start with…

Popping into the Guild vendor this morning yields a great many surprises. Yes, those are Heirloom Hunter legs (as yet unpriced but I bet they won’t be cheap) Does this mean you’re going to get an additional boost to level your Panda? It’s not like you can buy them now to test, after all ^^ There’s also a new pet AND a mount (L90 only) which doesn’t look as if it is tied to any achievement, just your level. However, I’m rather interested in the Guild shirts… :D

Not much to look at now… :D Also: WTB GM ONLY SHIRT :P

For the longest time, I’ve proudly worn the ONLY Green-quality shirt in game, Precious’ Ribbon. These three items therefore are rather special in their own right, but as of now there is no distinctive artwork to accompany them, all have the same dirty brown model…

Not seen that dialog for a while…

I spied a hunter with the new Tiger skin in SW about five minutes after I arrived and high-tailed it directly to the Jade Forest where I discovered that yes, many beasts were now tameable, INCLUDING CRANES NO REALLY I AM THAT EXCITED. However, there does appear to be restrictions. I could tame my L85 crane without an issue but the L86 one at 86 would not tame, which says to me I might have to try and get to 87 next week to see if this is then doable. I can see myself getting many, many of these fine birds which means my stable, already groaning with skins, is likely to collapse. Gonna need some new slots please Blizzard.

This little guy’s not on my list… ^^

I also discovered a Wild Pet not currently listed in the Pet menu, which is making me think that there may well be more lovable critters to discover that aren’t currently being revealed….

I have a plan for Pets, which I’m working on with some top quality help as I type, and will hopefully be able to discuss in more detail after the May Bank Holiday…

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