We have a new patch, and that means we have a bunch of new stuffs to look at. There’s been a lot of admin cleanup for starters: swapping specs gives you a talent respec (not sure if this is intentional or not) and it’s now possible to respec at trainers. There’s also a list of Core Abilities for every Hunter spec:

Marksmanship Core Abilities.
Survival Core Abilities.
Beast Mastery Core Abilities.

This means of course there’s one out there for Locks and everyone else, but I’ll do Hunters first as its my primary Beta focus. These are the spells Blizzard a) expects you to have on your action bars and b) encourages you to use. NO MOAR JUST SPAMMING ARCANE SHOT nub hunters!

More importantly, the Pet Talent ability is now live:

A cunning Pig… :D
A Ferocious pig…
…and a Tenacious pig!

It cost me 20g to switch Hunter specs and 59g to do my pet. These figures are likely to change.

Will be more this morning, but this is just to tell you that talents and specs are moving along very nicely :D

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