Arsecakes. WTB [Renowned Guild Tabard] Stat!

The only problem with planning, I find, is that it can often create more work in the process. However, there is a lot to be said for taking that extra time, because you can preserve a lot of previous hard graft. Hence why, yesterday morning, my warlock swapped accounts, left the main Guild and then rejoined, nearly 43,000 reputation down. However, this means that all the potential work I was thinking of putting in on said secondary account is already done. It also assuages some of my disquiet of having Achievements across the board being amalgamated: W has been played almost as long as P has, was my second character to 60 (still remember that grind with fondness, EPIC MOUNT QUEST :O) and will always have a special place in my heart.

She’s now heading up the #2 Account with pride, and (along with my Horde Hunter who took her place on the #1 Account roster) have a special task to perform before the Pandas arrive. W can garner 16 Crusader’s Seals a day up at the Tournament, which will become her new home today with E, where they’re going to both see how many Seals they can pile up before we hit the Expansion. I’m not going to buy pets for myself just yet (or mounts), I’m going to simply stock up the Tokens and watch the Beta Server closely. This is my Futures investment, waiting for the right moment to take the plunge.

W, Kraktast and the Achievement that made me change my plans.

The rest of what I believe is Version 3, Build 245 of the Bucket List remains pretty solid: Hunter #4 to 85, Pally to 85, do quests, make cash, wait. Ideally I’d like the 85’s to happen before May 15th but I’d also like a car that doesn’t leak on me when it rains and that’s not happening any time soon… we will not get too stressed if this doesn’t happen.

For now, I’m seeing how fast I can get the Daily Crusader Quest Run down to, and I really need to get E exalted with all her Horde factions so I won’t have to worry about kissing bloody frogs… ^^

3 thoughts on “We’re Going to Need a Bigger Bucket…

  1. Love your posts. I'm playing vicariously through you right now as I don't have time to give my alts the attention they all deserve.

    You mention that making more gold is on your bucket list as you go along right now. I'm finding that all my normal markets are drying up on my servers. Specifically the gem market was most profitable earlier in the expansion. The glyph market is way too competitive to be worth the time. What markets are you currently leveraging for most of your gold making endeavors? I'm mostly herb farming and transmuting volatiles for now.

    Keep having fun!


  2. I'm not a 'hardcore' gold farmer by any stretch, but my regular markets currently are pets, bags, ores (TBC/Wrath) and Mogs.

    It's not going to make me a millionaire any time soon, but it's enough to get by :D


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