Nice Logo, Guys :D

May marks, I was informed this morning via my Twitter feed, the start of the Newbie Blogger Initiative. I’m going to be honest here, and point out something for anyone who’s thinking of blogging for the first time: blogging relies a great deal on not simply what you write but where it gets read. I wasn’t aware of this venture until 17 minutes ago, but I’m always a vocal supporter of encouraging new people to write and contribute, so I am inserting myself (not deliberately late but late nonetheless) into the party. There’s another overriding advantage to starting your own online column: immediacy. You wanna write something, then just sit right down and do it!

I am therefore contractually obliged to point you to the following URL:

and to encourage you to sign up if you are a ‘New’ Blogger. If you are an existing Blogger and hadn’t heard of this Initiative until today there is still time to sign up (as the deadline for doing so is May 1st and there’s still a fair bit of that left even in my time zone) where you’ll be joining OVER 60 SITES which have done the same.

I will, throughout May, be grateful for a subject to write about on quiet days be providing some posts for people who might be thinking about doing this thing for the first time. They will all have this logo for ease of recognition :D

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