Amber!Gnome is scared. You should be too.

It occurs to me I need to have a rethink.

The whole ‘account wide pets/achievements/mount’ thing has kinda thrown me. I find myself looking at Erinys’ vision of the future and finding I’m actually not that mad keen on everyone sharing everything, that my Warcraft life can be traced through the path of characters I have played over time and how I have reacted with them. Amalgamating everyone together makes sense on one hand, but I feel I’m being devolved of some individuality. Yes, I know it is only a game, but still, there is some discomfort in the situation I will find myself in. There is also the realisation that I need to look at my twenty slots over two accounts and make some decisions.

The biggest one, by some way, is the fact that Horde pets can currently be used by Alliance players on Beta. If Ghostcrawler makes good on his promise of extending this to include Mounts as well, the collector in me is likely to implode. I have no idea how many mounts that would provide me with, but it is considerable, and will then rely on me having a workable Horde 85 to level to 90. My 81 Hunter currently sits on the secondary account, and with the best will in the world I do not see Battle.net accounts being centrally linked for some time. This means I think I’ll be shelling out £15 to move the #3 Hunter from #2 Account to #1, levelling her to 85, and doing Tournament Dailies in order to snag an Argent Gruntling and to finally ride a Dwarf in a Goblin Trike. Yes, this is how far I will go for my pet and mount obsession.

You have permission to point and laugh now if you wish.

This also means that the Secondary Account will need some love, at least so far as to pad out the woeful mount/pet totals, and to fill in basic achievement gaps. Having spent a bit of time looking at who is probably the easiest to ‘bulk up’ in terms of stuff done, I’d say the Mage, Hunter #2 and Druid all have potential, so am likely to start focussing on all three getting love. Hunter #4 will not take long to 85 based on current gathering/faffing levels and then that just leaves the Paladin to max. I reckon this should give me plenty to occupy myself with. I may yet swap the Lock from #1 to #2 account if finances remain buoyant across the summer, who is well covered on both fronts and comes with a decent glob of cheevos simply because when I got bored of doing stuff on P I did them on W instead. In fact, she’s two pets short of 100 and no-one on Account #2 has more than 30 pets to their name, so that might not be such a bad idea overall.

I could really do with Battle.Net login accounts all being joined, if only to save me some cash. As I doubt that’s going to happen, it could be time for some fairly serious character remodelling…

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