There’s a new Beta build, and finally, I can portal back from Pandaria to Stormwind.

You arrive where the balloon is tethered, unsurprisingly….

I’m hoping there will be portals in cities other than Stormwind, Blizzard, you did promise moving stuff about a bit for this Expansion, after all. This does mean for P that, after checking the LW trainer and finding nothing, we high-tailed it out to the first Archaeological Dig we could find to see what has changed. Which, as it transpires, is quite a lot…

At L86, digging for XP becomes rather more attractive in the Old World…?

This is a change from the early days of Beta. Old World Digs are now giving SIX solves (for a Dwarf) and 34,700 per set of uncovered fragments, meaning a MASSIVE 208, 200 XP per site (at L86, no less) Crucially, solving gives you NO SKILL INCREASE.

I’ve checked this at two Fossil and a Tolvir site thus far, and solves themselves still have the sale value as their current Live counterparts.

Yes, really, that’s six solves per site…

For those people with computers which run on the slow side and might struggle with the high FPS issues the starting area will provide, digging for XP as it stands could be a viable alternative until things calm down. Certainly this could be a great way to level an Alt if the XP remains unchanged. Crucially however, it could be a way for some people to level whilst searching for Wild Pets to battle with:

Not seen him around here before… because he’s a tameable pet :D The map says so!

I’ll be keeping an eye on XP gains throughout the Beta, and if anything changes you guys will be the first to know :D

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