Hunter, nil points :(

I have been patiently waiting, and this morning MMO have confirmed via datamining two things I’m rather excited about (it’s okay Anne, I read your post yesterday, and I get the ‘possibly not yet actually confirmed until Live’ thing) However, as both these things were promised with the Panda Package, I think I can start getting excited:

The following has been added as a Tooltip when your game starts up:

Companion pets are account-wide. If one of your characters has a pet, all your characters can use that pet.

This is fabulous news. It may also cause me to save a wee bit of RL cash to swap one character from account #2 to account #1 and vice versa, but that’s forward planning… :D
The other key change is that Achievements have become account wide. This will have a MAJOR impact on how I do things in game, and it also means I’ll need to appoint a Major Achievement Gatherer on both accounts. P is the de factor #1 Dwarf Girl on account #1, and I suspect that M the Druid will move up to the top spot and become the main girl (and pet battler by default) on account #2. 
So, if you’ll excuse me, I need to process the significance of these two pieces of news on the insanely large alt family… :D

One thought on “[BETA] In Which There is MUCH CELEBRATION :D

  1. Assuming all achievements become account-bound, I for one will be quite happy – if nothing else, no more dragging toon number whatever through What A Long, Strange Trip it's been. And no more spamming one's guild or nearby players with achievements for various pets when creating new toons. :-)


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