We have a new build on the Beta server (15640 for those of you who like the numbers), and there’s a LOT of changes. I’ve made a video to cover the major two UI upgrades:

I’d suggest watching this on the HD option as you can read the pet abilities :D

However, it’s not just the UI that’s got a poke.

They have really gone to town on the Battle System!

If you are an Achievement Chaser, you are going to want to pet battle ^^ All the existing game content, including Outland, Northrend and Cataclysm will have pet achievements linked to them, which include battle pet trainers in every ‘expansion’:

You weren’t thinking of levelling any time soon, were you?

There are a ton of new achievements linked to collecting, battling and levelling your Killer Critter Army ‘o’ DOOM. Needless to say, you need never be bored waiting in the LFG/LFR queue again… :D

There’s some bullet point highlights too!

  • Plump Intestines are still only yielding gold, so no Spirits in game as yet.
  • However, Panda Greens are now DE-ing into the appropriate dusts, although (as yet) without new icons:
Same icons, different results :D
  • Gold totals in your various bags are now grammatically correct! 283771 gold will now show as 283,771 gold.
  • There are no Panda voices as yet. When we get THAT Beta patch, then we know things are really moving on… :D

E’s Angling already has an excellent piece up on the Fishing-exclusive faction in game. I am amazed one NPC’s name actually made it to open beta at all :D I’d expect a ton of other stuff to appear as the day goes on as well…

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