Even in the best-laid plans, some sacrifices need to be made…

So yesterday I sat down and came up with a plan to take my game time up to the pre-Expansion event. I’m working on the assumption that we’ll see the Pandas in late July, which of course means all of this could be very much a pre-emptive strike if that proves to be incorrect. Suffice it to say, with the massive range of games I’m likely to be playing in the next six weeks, some actual additional planning is wise, when on top everything else I also have two college assessments to slip into the mix.

Here’s where we’re planning to go:

  • Lock gets Archy to 525, then works ‘in the background’ in an attempt to solve the Vial of the Sands (see below)
  • Second Jewelcrafter gets to 525 (currently 521) Completed!
  • Paladin Healer (who is secondary JC-er) gets to 85
  • Hunter Gatherer gets to 85
  • Everyone with a Profession is provided with sufficient mats to make five points (minimum) in their skill once Expansion hits. Items should (preferably) be stuffs that can be used to assist levelling (flasks/potions/enchants/enhancements) or that will sell on the AH post-Expansion. This also includes cookery and first aid.
  • As many toons as possible achieve Exalted with Therazane for shoulder enchants (*)
  • As many toons as possible complete Cataclysm quests (**)

Once all of this is completed I will load everyone up with 25 quests and put most of the family ‘to bed.’ I’ve also picked which toons will be sent out as the ‘First Wave’ of XP gatherers come the Expansion, with a plan as follows:

  • P is Primary Quester, gathering leather (and the only person likely to be selling gathered mats initially). She will also supplement her XP with Archy solves.
  • W (Lock) is Secondary Quester, but is more likely to level using Archy/Dungeons.
  • K the Hunter Gatherer will… well, be a hunter gatherer (mining/herbalism)  in an attempt to ‘feed’ profession levelling for everyone else. Priority will go to Scribe/Alchemist for herbs and JC-er for ores.

Part of my frustration last time around when I levelled was not being able to ‘do’ professions as quickly as I wanted, because I didn’t have a dedicated gatherer ‘out there’ when everything kicked off. I want to actively address this issue because, as may have become apparent to a few of you, I like my professions almost as much as I love the Raiding and the levelling.

I also have some additional things I’d like to do (including getting one of my vanity guilds to level two if possible) but those really are minor in comparison to having myself sorted on the above.

There will be those of you who, having read all this, will be thinking that this is a lot of effort for a game. Yes, it is, but I have learnt over seven years that I can prevent an awful lot of frustration by planning ahead. I can also make a tidy sum of gold to boot, and although I’m never going to break any records for speed, the nest egg I’m taking with me this time around is a testament to a system that I KNOW works for me. Planning, preparation and execution are all key tools in the trade of the Gold Generator, after all… :D

Oh, and if you’re reading this and are in my Guild, don’t panic. We’ll still raid faff all the way to the wire, including Old Skool Runs and the like. If you want to do something and it’s not being catered for, you know who to ask… :D

(*) May also cause subsequent reduction in sanity.
(**) Likely to induce madness after prolonged exposure.

4 thoughts on “Method in the Madness.

  1. “I'm working on the assumption that we'll see the Pandas in late July.”

    That's a hell of a bold assumption! I don't think MoP is anywhere near being ready to announce a launch date in the next month, which is what would be needed to release in July.

    Based on previous timescales for WoW betas, I'd say October earliest.


  2. @Jonathan, A blue recently said the beta is done on May 1st. Not sure how or way or if it was a typo, but if that is indeed true, July is possible.

    I think it was a typo on the blues part.

    On Topic

    You seem to have a lot of goals set up. I don't have much really. Probably because I have everyone at 85 I want at 85 and have every professions maxed on every character, except for secondaries. Never found the need for first aid on healers even if it does have its place.

    I should make a todo list myself like you do. Would put my game play in better perspective.


  3. In fact, not even that, as the chance to buy an Annual Pass with guaranteed access to the beta doesn't finish until 30th April. Absolutely zero chance of the beta closing a day later!

    I reckon final Annual Pass beta invites – i.e. last-minute purchasers – will be first week in May. Then it'll be random beta invites late May. Then beta for at least a month longer and possibly more depending on how many game-breaking bugs there are.


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