In the end, not as painful as anticipated…

Priest is now 85 :D

Things I discovered whilst doing this can be bullet-pointed as follows:

  • I take my hat off to anyone playing Shadow currently. It’s at least slightly easier than wrestling with a Lock, but only because the CD’s are shorter.
  • I still enjoy healing as Holy. Whether I still say that after a week of LFR, well…

This does mean however that I am on target for my short term goal of ensuring I’m free for the GW2 beta weekend upcoming (coz I do want to give it a go) and that everyone I want at 85 is there before D3 drops on May 15th, so I can give that a proper look. I had considered doing the the Stress Test this weekend but I’m saving myself. I hear many good things and am looking forward to coming to the entire experience cold.

However, I digress. Hunter is half a level from 82, which I intend to knock off this morning using LFR, and the Pally is next on my list after her. This is possibly the easiest pre-Expansion faff I’ve had, if only for the fact I have a decent idea of what is coming and how I should plan for it accordingly…

Last night we went and blitzed 10 Man Ulduar Heroic, grabbing a bunch of people nearly everything for the Mounts (need to go do some Iron Dwarves on reset for the last part) and Starcaller to boot. I lost count of the number of times we ran Ignis in the hope the gun would drop, and the only time it ever did I wasn’t there and my dashing Dwarven Hunter colleague snaffled it. Tonight therefore was rather special… :D

The best steam-powered gun in game. OFFICIAL.

I also have Deliverance in the Mog Bank for future use, plus four achievements I missed when I did this last time, so frankly it was an evening very well spent. Now all I need is Subtraction in 25 man mode… ^^

Next up, after that half a level on Hunter #4, time to sit down with pencil and paper and work out exactly who needs what finished in terms of reputation and shizzle once the 85 work is done…

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