Ah yes, Harrison’s lectures bring the best out in the girls… ^^

I could say I’m not sure how it happened, but that would be a lie. The Warlock is actively leveling Archaeology. It could have been any of the three Alchemists I currently have, if truth be told, but it’s her because… well, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Yes, you should be afraid. I am!

I have been considering for a while now purchasing a Vial of the Sands. Sadly the one person in Guild who could make it has unsubbed from the game, and is unlikely to be back before the Expansion hits. Although I could easily hand over my mats to a stranger, part of me feels the need to keep the entire transaction ‘in house’, and I’m also mindful of the purchasable mats cost as they stand. Being lucky enough to be the GM of a L25 Guild, I think I should really be taking advantage of Bartering sooner rather than later, in case Blizzard decide to reset Guild Perks come the Pandas.

That means a total spend of 26,100g on top of the mats I already have, and the recipe itself. Having seen my husband do 1-525 in pretty short order post the nerf that appeared in the last patch, I thought I’d test the waters and see just how easy things have become. As it has become clear today, things are considerably less of a faff than they were:

Progress as of this post, not bad at all…

The Chalice will be my fifth rare (Gnome pet already added) and thus far it has been remarkably smooth sailing. I’m in Outland already but I can go straight to Northrend in two solves time, so the grind per se is far, far easier. What happens once I hit 525 however… well, we will see. I only ever got the bloody Canoptic Jar on P when I’m after other stuff… which probably means I’ll never see the damn thing with the Lock at all. Time will tell.

For now, this is all forming Part of a Larger Plan, which I will address in more detail in the morning…

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