The Story So Far… no, still not changing the hair colour ^^

A portion of the New Hunter outfit, as you can see from K’s Armoury, is already in place. Next time I choose crafted items, remind me to ACTUALLY CHECK how easy it is to get the items required before I commit to production:

Simple enough… oh HANG ON…

Dragonscale’s a thing now, you know. Not only have certain patterns vanished (with the wings of Sunken Temple which had the mobs that dropped it) but dragons of a certain colour have pretty much vanished from the game world. No more Reds outside Grim Batol, for instance. More importantly, there’s no more Blues in Azshara (used to really enjoy that farm as well :/) so the only way to farm these scales is the Chromatic Dragons/mobs that exist in UBRS or BWL. Needless to say, I had a fair few stashed away, and it’s not like the stuff farmed in UBRS is without value (far from it) The Icy Scale stuff took ninety minutes with P and G’s Engineering Skillz.

The Bow’s a drop from Scholo, by the way. I’ve seen just about every item EXCEPT THE DAMN TROUSERS from the mobs in the farm thus far (the mail is by far the lowest % rate). I even discovered there’s a rare shirt that drops from Dr Krastinov that I never even knew existed. Every day is indeed a school day, if you want this cloth we’ll need to add it to the Endangered Items list that’s going to vanish when Scholo gets the Panda Remodel…

Today I think I need to decide what weapons I will be using with this outfit… I’ve added a Seer’s Cape to the mix already, a bargain 45s purchase from the AH last night… :D

More news from our Mogging Outfit Desk later in the day :D

[EDIT: 9.30 AM BST: The Legs are MINE. HO YUS!]

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