In the end, these things are worth the effort :D

Making an effort for my in-game characters, even the lowly ones, has become important to me.

Having been given the ability to make myself distinctive in-game, I want to take the opportunity to embrace the possibilities. Drop rates are not about the effort it takes to farm, simply the time it will take to complete. A basic design is only a starting point, a means to an end, a method to begin creating an outfit that can change in it’s construction from moment to moment. Finding the right item results in a sense of satisfaction I don’t remember ever getting from winning a drop or upgrading a piece of gear. Those things are chores, part of the gameplay. This is about enjoyment, about achievement of a different kind.

I can now properly express myself with the items I place my characters in. People can see, even if I’m not L85, that I have taken time and effort to dress my Night Elf in a particular fashion. Unconsciously this becomes an extension of the type of player I have become, and this pleases me. I take care over my appearance for a reason: I’m not here to impress you or to show off, I’m simply making a statement about what I think can be done with the raw materials I have been provided with. Yes Ellie, it would have been simpler to just change my hair colour, but this hunter was born with blue and I suspect will remain that way for some time. I have a desire to create my characters in  a certain way and then find ways to slot them into the game world. This seems a great way to start this character’s life in Azeroth.

In the end, this has worked out better than even I thought was possible. The staff is pretty much anonymous because I know I’m going to lose it come Panda Time, the gun a focal point because of the significance it will gain. I tweaked both gloves and cloak to make the palette a bit more muted and frankly I’d have farmed for a week to get these black trousers, so good are they as a base mogging piece, one I suspect I will come back to again and again. I’m even considering grabbing them on my other hunter before they vanish with Scholo’s old model for the utility.

Taking care of appearances has become a significant part of life in Azeroth. I look forward to finding excuses to build new outfits for quite some time to come.

  • Blue Dragonscale Shoulders
  • Ebonhold Cloak
  • Icy Scale Chestguard & Belt
  • Bata Staff
  • Nexus Strider Greaves
  • Bloodsail Legguards
  • Defender’s Gauntlets
  • Nesingwary 4000

6 thoughts on “Blue Shift…

  1. She looks awesome! I think the changes you made from your original plan definitely do improve the overall look!

    Hmm, I should take my Hunter to Scholo for those pants (and the Sawbones Shirt), too, before it gets all shook up….


  2. I can (possibly) see myself ditching the belt for something plainer but I think this is probably pretty close to done.

    I would definitely get the shirt if you intend to do anything red-themed in the future as it's a different shade to any of the other red shirts I've come across. I can easily see it being completely forgotten about when they overhaul…


  3. Looks really nice. I try to take care of all my toons with Transmog for several reasons but mainly because I do want to look different from everyone else. I usually will get asked where I get certain gear from and often times provide people a way to find new looks or at least explore ideas if they haven't tried out Transmog.


  4. Heh — I've already been thinking about what kind of outfit I could make using both the Bloodmail Legguards and the Sawbones Shirt. I think it would probably use at least some of the Battleforge/Blood Knight pieces, which are red, gold, and black….


  5. I like that bright belt though, Godmother. I have seen it around the traps while I'm looking through the AH for gear. And you look very elegant, I have to say!


  6. I was only teasing about the hair. Ellie always has green hair when she's resto, but purple for balance. Hair colour is very important. ;p


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