Last night, I did something I’ve never done before in game. I decided, for no other reason than I can now dress my characters in outfits entirely of my own creation, to design an outfit for my (now L81) Hunter Gatherer. I did this ahead of wanting to level her, or pad out her achievements, or indeed get her a better range of pets than the three she currently uses. I would say therefore that Mogging has officially Become A Part of My Gaming Plan.

Full sized outfit realisation using the marvel that is Mog It

I’ve also set myself a bit of a challenge. Those mail legs, Bloodmail Legguards, are a ridiculously low drop from Scholomance. Everything else is either a) crafted b) a decent % drop or c) a quest reward. Legs are 3% on a good day. THREE PERCENT. I have no idea why I do this to myself but I do, and I’m going to farm for these bloody things until they drop because I want to make this outfit happen. All of this so I can make something that matches my character’s hair, I ask you… ^^

Things matter to people for different reasons. Sometimes it stops being about what is sensible and rational and the personal nature of desires makes you do downright stupid stuff just… well, just because. However, and this is important, I won’t lose sleep if I don’t get this outfit done by the weekend, I won’t spend weeks stuck in Scholo refusing to do anything else until these legs appear… but I will do it. In my own time, and not at the expense of anything that’s actually important.

What this does make me realise is just what Blizzard COULD do for Moggers. The appearance of the Black Bunny Ears in the Noblegarden event shows me that someone understands that there is a market for certain items. Black Items generally are an absolute godsend for co-ordination. Could it be that at some point in the future, in one of those Pavilions at the Darkmoon Faire, that we’ll see a Blac-Suited NPC selling nothing but Black Accessories with stats for Moggers…?

It would certainly be a radical departure. If it did happen, I think it would indicate that Blizzard are listening to the rapidly growing numbers of people who play as Moggers with as much importance as they play the Game itself…

Oh and for those of you that like to know:

  • Blue Dragonscale Shoulders
  • Icy Scale Breastplate
  • Icy Scale Belt
  • Outrunners Gloves
  • Unfortunate Treads
  • Bloodmail Legguards

4 thoughts on “Radical Departures

  1. Oh the joys of farming for transmog items :D I really should check out this Mog It addon for my DK – I'm trying to put a set together but I'm having a hard time finding some legs to match the shoulders and gloves. The ones I have kind of match, if you don't look too closely :)

    I hope those legs drop for you soon! Are they off a boss you can go straight to? If not then it can get awfully tedious, especially in an instance like Black Morass with the waves and waves and waves of trash -.- Still, got my rogue's mog outfit complete in the end :D


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