Goblins, being their normal conscientious and hard-working selves on Beta.

I took a night off yesterday.

Despite the fact nothing much is actually going on (either in Beta or in game) it’s been pretty full-on for me the last couple of weeks. It appears the Panda Guide’s getting some decent press (being  mentioned in the same sentence as Elitist Jerks is a thing ^^)  and it’s made me realise that yes, people do actually read what I have to say. That’s probably a bigger significance in the general scheme of things. I can command an audience. This is normally the point I do something stupid and stuff it up IRL, so I thought it might be an idea to step back briefly and consider my position.

I’m almost done with the first part of my Bucket List: Alchemist is at 448 and once I’ve knocked off the last 50 points in Mining on the Nouveau HunterGatherer I’ll be back into current content AGAIN. Then it’s levelling time (three alts to do before I’m finished) and I find myself thinking back to the last days of Wrath and TBC. There’s a really rather different feel than was prevalent back then, but there’s the constant assessment as to how long I have to wait for the transitional events to begin, because once they are live there’s no escaping the inevitable. Then we really will be ‘between expansions’ and not inhabiting this odd Game Hinterland, where current content is nerfed and there’s only the hint of the future to come. This disassociated place is enough of a disincentive (at least coupled with That Beta Fiasco) to make certain people pack up their toys and leave. For those of us, for whom Just Raiding is never the entire story, it’s just another part of what becomes a perpetual work in progress…

However even that can begin to wear, after a while. People lose the incentive to do stuff outside what they perceive is vital to their enjoyment. Numbers in Guild begin to dwindle, and it’s been the case that when I’ve logged at least twice in the last week it’s just been me online. If I needed to poke Blizzard to get a wiggle on with stuff, then I’d be doing it now. Parts of the beta are borked and really need to be addressed. We could really do with something new to incentivise people in game, while Blizzard are at it. The time for foreshadowing is here, and with no interim raid a la Ruby Sanctum to pull people back in…

Working on current timelines, we should expect to see a patch to the beta being datamined today and applied tomorrow. I think it needs to be major, because time moves very slowly sometimes in MMO Land and I sense that some of the natives are beginning to get restless… and not all of them are content to level their twelfth alt to pass the time.

One thought on “A Work in Progress…

  1. Wow! Yes I think being in the same sentence as Elitist Jerks is an awesome thing. Where is the linkage woman, I want to go see and support that bloody female who has got me hooked on finishing these zone quests!


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