Most profitable grey item yet :D

Back on Beta after Easter Holidays in the UK. Needless to say, it’s a war zone :(

Dead Bodies all over the Jade Forest…

Pink boxes are gone, dead bodies are everywhere, and quest phasing is most definitely broken, and as both of my outstanding quests involve fighting Pandas in phase it won’t be happening until there’s a reset or things are fixed. I will instead go exploring shortly, but wanted to report back a) that we have a new Grey Vendor item (see above) and that b) there is still no indicator of  raw materials, Spirits in Intestines or new recipes on Trainers.

Let’s hope that changes this week with a new build. For now, I’ll be off to explore… :D

2 thoughts on “[BETA] Grey Vendor Update!

  1. Not sure what professions you have but I know when I finally get my invite what I plan to do it see where professions leave off.

    As in, how far can I level on my current cataclysm skills and what I will need for it.

    I plan to have all the initial materials ready to roll, so when it comes out, I can pop out a quick 15 or 20 professions levels on cataclysm stuff.

    Always nice to get a start on those.

    I already plan to have all my archeology finds maxed at 200 so I can get a lot of skill points doing the solves as soon as it comes out.

    That isn't cheating is it? lol

    Just planning ahead, like a good hunter would. ;)


  2. There seem to be quite a few grey soulbound items which I'm quite curious about. Especially when they sell for quite a bit of gold.

    I'm really enjoying the new Arch changes even though the rare items I've managed to compete so far are placeholder models.


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