Part Six :: Putting Something Aside.
See Point 2 Below :D

I am not a Gold Making Website. If you want them, there are plenty of very good ones out there to choose from, and each have their particular ‘best ways’ to make piles of shiny coins. In fact, a large number of people play this game just to make shiny coins, which I know can be as satisfying as actually doing the other stuff. Me, I do a bit from both Column A and Column B. As a result, I can tell you ways to make some cash to help you or your new Panda along in the Expansion, but you’ll need to bear a few important provisos in mind:

  • Making money takes time. You will probably actually have to do some work.
  • Making money can be easy for some people and harder for others. Find a method that best suits you. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else.
  • No scheme is 100% foolproof. The adverts are lying.

The one thing I will utterly recommend to you, if you are the type of person who finds it easier to spend than save, is to not keep the money you earn on the character you earn it with, and send it to a bankalt. If it’s not there to spend then you won’t, and it is quite simple to build up a nest egg like this as a result. Consider your holding toon as a Savings Account that you regularly make deposits too. Even if it’s just 100g a week, that is likely to make something saved before the Expansion.

The other tip I have is time related. If you’re going to do any of the things I’m about to recommend, do them for an hour. Don’t spend all day/night, don’t come to think of this as a chore or something you HAVE to do, just spend an hour and then go do something else, anything else. The deal with making money should not be that it becomes more important than the things you really want to do.

Right, so what can I suggest you do for an hour that will have a possible return?

  1. Run Heroics. Save Valor Points to buy BoE Boots or Wrists, Save Justice Points to buy Greater Celestial Essence. Sell them on the AH.
  2. Use your gathering skills. Check on the AH which materials are selling for the most money and spend an hour gathering them. In many cases this is NOT Cataclysm herbs, skins and ores.
  3. Buy a Potion of Treasure Finding (or make them) and go to a Cataclysm Zone with lots of easily killable mobs and grind them for an hour. Sell what they drop and what comes from the Tiny Treasure Chests you collect (especially profitable if you are a Tailor.)
  4. Run some Classic/Outland/Northrend Dungeons and sell everything that drops. Many decent Mogging items can be found in this way.
  5. Do a full set of Cataclysm Dailies. Do Tol Barad Dailies. Go and spend an hour at the Molten Front, there are many possibilities which will reward gold and mob drops.
  6. Run SSC and Tempest Keep in Outland. Bosses still drop 250g per kill. Lots of mogging items to be had there as well and many classes can easily solo a number of encounters.
  7. Run Karazhan, which can also be easily soloed by most classes and drops a large selection of items including rare enchants and mogging items.
  8. Spend an hour fishing in Cataclysm zones and sell your catches.

…and I could go on, and on, and on… There are a vast number of ways to make yourself cash that don’t involve complicated guides, they just require one quality you can’t buy from a website: MOTIVATION. If you want the money, you need to do something about it.

If all else fails and you’ve not yet started where this Guide suggested on Monday… go sell the stuff in your bags you don’t need… ^^

One thought on “The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Six

  1. These guides are really good reads (and informative)!

    My methods aren't for everyone, but I noticed that I made a decent amount of money going for the Seeker title. Not from the quests (although those yield gold quite nicely) but by selling all of the items I gathered (cloth, herbs, ore).

    I also like using Potion of Treasure Finding–but you raise a good point here: however you make money, do it for about an hour (in this case I switch activities after one potion), otherwise it'll feel like work and you'll have less fun.


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