Part Five :: Pandas from Scratch.

There are those of you who, when The Pandas arrive, will eschew the 85-90 grind and will be heading straight for the (INSERT SPOILER ALERT) that is the Pandaren Starting Area.

As you create your character, are you ready for your journey?

I’m going to assume that if you’re rolling a Monk come Expansion launch, that you’ll have at least one L85 behind you, or else you’d not be reading this guide to prepare yourself. Of course, it might not be a Monk, it could be any one of the other classes, but for the sake of this exercise let’s assume you’re heading down that path. Are you truly prepared for what you’ll need to do?

When I say ‘prepared’ I mean that in a PPP sense of the word, which is ‘really totally ready for most eventualities before we actually begin.’ This means you have a bankalt, ready to send all the following items off to your named toon as soon as you’ve finished the Character Selection process. In fact, let’s start there:

1. Get a Name.

It’s still not too late, especially on lower population servers, to secure an Awesome Panda Name. I’m not here to give you suggestions, but if you a) have the space and b) can make a L1 alt with the name you want, so much the better. Needless to say, I have a number of what I consider to be Great Names already lined up. This is because I am a sad muppet I was organised ahead of time…

2. Arrange your Gears.

You’re going to want Heirlooms, yes you are. That means Leather shoulders, chest, weapons and trinkets if you’re not in a high-level Guild, with the addition of cape and head if you are. If you’re really lucky and won a fishing contest you’ll have a ring as well, but we’ll assume for the record it’s simply shoulders, chest and weaponry. All XP gains will be very helpful for the first 80 levels, and you would do well to enchant your chest and weapons with appropriate non-level specific enchants, because it will all help you speed up the process.

Then you’ll want some bags: 11 in all (four for yourself and seven for your bank if you’re maxxing out) these can include specialist bags of course if you intend to level gathering professions in tandem. I’d also suggest the following Quality Additional items:

  • Fishing Rod
  • Low level lures (buy from fishing trainer)
  • Gnomish Army Knife (for a selection of Professions)

If you want to be clever, I’d also take this time to consider finding some decent Guides for levelling professions as they stand. For instance, my Good Gnomish Friend El has some absolutely top notch tandom guides at the Extreme Anglin’ Website. There are a bunch of Quick Levelling Guides for the Primary Professions on the Internets, I’m sure you guys are smart enough to find them for yourselves…

3. Cover Your Costs.

You will need some gold for basic luxuries. Of course you will make money as you level, but there are additional expenses to consider… most specifically, flying and bank space. Those expenses break down as follows:

  • L20: 4g, 1g for any additional mounts (5g assuming you buy one mount)
  • L40: 50g, 10g for mounts
  • L60: 250g, 50g for mounts (assuming you buy a flyer as well)
  • 250g for Flying in Azeroth
  • 500g for Flying in Northrend

Total for Mounts & Flying =  1105g

7 Bank slots cost 112g

Total gold required to cover all of this = 1217g

So, if you want to be properly set for your experience before you fire up your character creation screen, you might want to start considering these three basic areas. Bags are still reasonably cheap on my AH (I should know, I’m selling a fair few of them) and heirlooms can be bought with Valor Points. 1217 gold shouldn’t be a horrendous stretch either, even if you have trouble making cash … but if you are one of those people with problems getting those coins in your bags, we’ll cover some basic options in the next part of the Guide… :D

One thought on “The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Five


    *yes you have been warned*

    *You're still reading???*

    *Here goes*

    .. and remember that mailboxes don't exist at the pandaren starting zone :O(unless Blizz has changed that (again)) …


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