Finally, on the day I a) finally get some stable Beta access and b) can’t really play as I have inlaws coming, I make a discovery. As per normal, it’s pretty much by accident.

Welcome to XP gain again, and a whole new area…
My arrow on the map shows where I discovered the Tillers.

XP has been restarted, my skinning skill is back down to 525 (BOO!) but the world has opened up, and that means passage to the Valley of the Four Winds. I’ll be honest, I was heading here for the Archaeology (as you can see on the map) but I discovered something else when I finally arrived (must stop being distracted by huge piles of skinnable mobs) I managed, completely by accident, to become Neutral with the Tillers.

So, I talk to this guy…
…and this happens…!

The Tillers are the faction who will, of course, allow you to run your own working farm in game (similar, as many people have speculated, to playing Farmville in WoW) :D I’d arrived at the marked Archaeological dig (on the map above) and not really taken notice of my surroundings, but when I did I noticed something immediately odd. Actionable Chicken Coops :O

Clicking on these brings up a dialog box, similar to clicking on a Campfire.

The area entire has the look of a working farm: fields of produce, lots of coops, and barns, and it is clearly a work in progress:

Very much a work in progress here…

Needless to say, there’s nothing here of any note right now, but I’ll be making sure I log out here (to heck with the rested bonus) so I can return on next Beta push… :D To finish, here’s a few screenies of the area for those of you planning to spend a fair bit of time on your smallholding… :D

Some views ‘from the Farm’

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