Part Four :: Stacking your XP Deck

This section of the Guide is something to take on board now, but to implement later. It’s an attempt to get you to think about what will happen in the first 24 hours of the Expansion, or when you log into the game to start levelling. Everyone and their Granny will be running around the starting area, wildly flailing and attempting to grab as many quests and XP as they can. You don’t want to be one of those people, you want to be already ahead of the curve as you arrive. This is why we prepare ourselves beforehand. I suggested in Part Two that you all go finish the Cataclysm quests, because if you do this gives you access to Dailies. Here we will begin our reasoning.

A small but significant tally.

Some people love them, most people loathe them, but Dailies are the way to get stuff done. They award (in most cases) rep and cash, and are great for picking up random greens and other sundry gubbins. The exception to this rule are the Firelands Dailies, which for the purposes of this exercise we are ignoring in favour of a very simple approach. I want you to pick 25 daily quests.

If you refer to this frankly magnificent guide on WoW Insider which covers all the Cataclysm Dailies, you have 28 possible options:

  • Cookery and Fishing Dailies (2)
  • Therazane (6) + 1 extra at Honored
  • Tol Barad (6 in the Peninsula, 6 if your Faction holds the prisons)
  • Uldum (2)
  • Twilight Highlands (5)

Tol Barad does depend on your server population as well, but as we’re thinking ahead you should have an opportunity to perm 25 from that lot with relative ease.  Once you decide which quests you want to do, then you wait. Wait as long as you can: if you can get the 6 Tol Barad PvP ones done early when your faction has the Area then so much the better, because you don’t need to hand in on the main island anyway, there’s a Quest Guy on the Peninsula for that.

Alliance Guy on the Peninsula. Horde get a Horde NPC :p

The plan here is very simple: have 25 daily quests completed the night the Expansion goes live, but DON’T HAND THEM IN. You do that when you log into the game once it goes live and you get your XP bar back, and using the Portals in Stormwind and Orgrimmar you let everyone else go start flailing about in the Jade Forest while you calmly and quietly hand in the 25 quests you’ve already done. When I did this for Cataclysm it rewarded me with half a level of XP before I’d even stepped foot in a new zone.

Of course if, like me, you have large families you can do these quests a couple of weeks beforehand and simply leave them in your log. Then, whenever your particular alt finally gets pulled out and dusted down for the journey, they too have a nice little head start.

On this point, I would also suggest that now is a good time to start logging out inside an Inn again. Most of us will have been logging in capitols and become lazy with our choice of locations, especially as all cities give rested as standard. The Pandas will expect you to find somewhere to stay before giving you bonuses to feed on. Get yourself into the Inn habit now, as your XP bar will thank you later… :D

One thought on “The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Four

  1. There is something important you didn´t mention: stacking dailies
    What I mean is this:
    go to Tol Barad and pick up the 6 quests, but don´t compelte them/turn them in. On the next day go there again and a few different ones will be available, accept them as well and so on until you have ALL the different Tol Barad quests in your log. That´s also the best time to complete those quests, as you only have to make the trip around Tol Barad once.
    This works for other daily quest hubs as well, but not for the fishing/cooking dailies.


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