Part Three :: Taking a Professional Stance

You’re out completing quests, and finishing your reputation. You’re picking up cloth and dusts and mining/skinning/herbing as you go. Your first thought on returning to your home town of choice is likely to be to sell these things so you can arrange a modest nest egg of cash for the Expansion, because we all know Cash is King. That’s true, to a point. If you have a profession, you might want to start considering the reality that, when your favourite mailbox is being choked by Pandas, you’ll have that profession to level. It could be the moment to consider the best way to do that… :D

What your Profession Window should look like on Expansion launch…

1. First Things First.

There is one thing you really should do before the Expansion hits with your Professions, and that’s Max Them Out. With the exception of fishing (which is far less of a grind than it ever was) and Archaeology (which is too terrible to speak of but could end up being Really Rather Worthwhile) all of the other things on the above list can be done as you finish your Cataclysm quests, because that’s the way they’re meant to work. The only possible exception to this are Herbing/Mining where you’ll get XP for levelling again, but I’m betting you’ll want to spend all your time doing New Panda Things and not dragging around old content (though I bet some of you will ^^) Plus, you can get achievements for having all these guys maxxed. Once you have, it’s time to start planning the next five points…

Time to play ‘Guess what gives the most skill ups’…

2. Be Prepared.

We can try and make some educated guesses, even with the little professions information we have on how the new recipes might fit in. Even with the best will in the world, you’re going to struggle in the early days against everyone else gathering new mats. Even if the Charscale Leg Armour above doesn’t give five skill points when you learn the Zen Mastery it’s an item that people should still be able to use, and the mats are not hopelessly difficult to currently stockpile/obtain. Look at individual professions and try and make a small pile of materials that could give you that first five point advantage, and that you could then sell on to someone else. If you don’t think your profession has anything to offer, look again. In the first few weeks you’ll be amazed what sells, especially when people can’t afford the high prices of new items.

I can has Ogre Tannin. I r leet Leatherworker :D

Remember that Volatiles may get very, very cheap as we count down to Expansion release, and may be worth picking up for recipes. Scribes will really want to make sure they have a nice stack of mats to restart their Minor Inscription Research. Jewelcrafters and Alchemists might wish to take advantage of their specialist transmutes for skill ups… oh and EVERYONE KEEP 2 STACKS OF EMBERSILK TO LEVEL FIRST AID.  Needless to say, once recipes are active on trainers in beta, I’ll let you know a better idea of what might be sensible items to keep aside. Let’s hope it doesn’t change from beta to live ^^

Oh, and let’s not talk at all about Cookery until we actually know how many Circles of Doom we need to travel through to specialise in all of the branches… ^^

3. If you don’t have a Profession…

Yes, I know you’re out there. People without professions are something of an alien race to me, but I know you do exist. If you don’t have any primary professions and are reading this right now, I would suggest you go level Mining and Herbalism. Seriously, if you want to make the big bucks in the first six weeks of any Expansion, there’s where your money lies. Even if you don’t even mine or herb again after that, you’re pretty much guaranteed enough money to keep you comfortable until the first post expansion patch hits.

If you go this route, I’d strongly suggest you sell everything you gather whilst levelling to the Scribes and the Blacksmiths/JC-ers frantically levelling their professions as I type, buy the largest speciality gathering bag you can, and wait for the Expansion Release date…

What are you waiting for! Get out there and start gathering! :D

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