I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I seem to have survived another round of Mog Madness… ^^

I liked the sword… ^^

Looking at my marks I was pretty lucky to have made it to the last ten, which is ironic as this is the outfit I like the most of all the ones I’ve created. I find myself wishing I could recreate this for my L80 Hunter… but I digress. This was the first time I used Mog It to create an outfit and frankly I wonder how I’ve ever managed without it before. It is a thing of compulsive, addictive beauty and I am DOOMED.

Because I know you guys like to know, here is the outfit breakdown for Round Three:

  • Mechanized Snow Goggles
  • The Wavemender’s Mantle (obviously)
  • Breastplate of the Fifth Hunter
  • Fastfuse Gloves
  • Belt of the Black Eagle
  • Ghostcaller’s Leggings
  • Steelspark Greatsword
  • Drape of Icy Intent
  • Bramblescar Greaves

Round Four gives me a tabard to match and as a result there has been faffing. Much, MUCH faffing, but we have an outfit (needed to get done early as I have inlaws coming at the weekend and I don’t want to miss the deadline) I take this opportunity to say ‘Good Luck’ to the remaining 10 contestants and I’m confidently predicting, considering the incredibly high standard of entries this week, you won’t be seeing me in Round Five…

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