The last days of the Old Guard…

I have always been a big fan of foreshadowing.

P has been picking her way across Kalimdor, completing the 1-60 quests as she goes, and the picture she has encountered in her journey has become increasingly depressing. Garrosh’s military ambitions are all to apparent the first time you arrive in Ashenvale, with Warsong in full-on Battle Mode. In the process of questing for the Alliance you discover that the Goblin’s association with the Horde has resulted in a dangerous escalation of weaponry: they’re building bombs. Honking huge bombs.

The Goblin influence is all too apparent in Warsong…

The secret ingredient that provides the bomb’s explosive powers comes from the mountains of Stonetalon, and it is there that you see the Horde’s ambition in full flow: a Druid training camp is reduced to nothing but a massive great hole in the ground. You are able to rescue some of the trainees but many, many are incinerated in the carnage. Maybe giving weaponry to the Grimtotem to the south doesn’t seem like such a bad idea when you see what the Goblin’s explosives are capable of… and it doesn’t stop there. The Barrens to the north are the site of Horde naval incursions, and battles along the recently-opened fissure caused by Deathwing’s emergence. As you head south things are no better, with Alliance officers falling left, right and centre to the Horde’s relentless assaults. Finally, you make it to the Dwarf encampment at Bael Modan to discover the Dwarves have encountered something very nasty indeed in their excavations. You get no chance to discover what however, because soon after your arrival, the entire complex is hit by a Goblin Suicide Bomber.

Bael Modan in better days.

There is plenty of proof, if it were needed, that there is a great deal of anger on this continent. The question then becomes where will be the Horde’s next target.

Forces are heading south from Orgrimmar, and it is clear that they don’t intend to stop until the Alliance’s presence on the continent is totally eradicated. There is one very significant Human base on the eastern coast of Kalimdor, and it’s one that has, for a long time, been a thorn in the Orc’s side. This week P will roll into Theramore and will, I suspect, discover that the port is all to aware that it’s future is anything but assured. Deserter agitators still cause trouble as they have for some time, but there are more insidious threats approaching, backed up now by the Horde’s newest converts and an awful lot of destructive potential.

Theramore looks beautiful as you approach it from the air, and a place of relative calm… but those days could well be numbered…

If you’ve not yet completed the 1-60 quests in Kalimdor, especially those that surround Theramore and its environs, I would strongly urge you complete them soon. The foreshadowing is here, and it may not be long before the Alliance port that exists on live servers disappears into the Great Sea forever…

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