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There is no thing that alliteration can’t make more fabulous, and the upcoming Blizzard expansion is no exception. It occurs to me that it might be an idea to make the work I’m doing to get my team of 85’s ‘Panda Ready’ into a handy guide for you good people: even if you’re already certain of what you’re going to do for preparation, I might highlight something you’ve forgotten. Therefore starting Monday, we’ll be covering the following subjects:

  • Banks and Bags
  • Achievements and Tabards
  • Professions
  • Quests and ‘Daily Stacking’
  • Preparing your Panda
  • Accumulating a Nest Egg
  • Odds and Ends

I’m also hoping that people can contribute their hints and tips via comments, so we can build this into a decent ‘Go To’ Guide for people wanting to know what they can do before the Expansion hits to maximise their time online…

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to finish clearing the decks of Darkmoon quests in anticipation of Noblegarden beginning tomorrow…

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