Time to play ‘Spot the Fish’ in this bag :D

The main points:

  • Fishing is Live on beta! Sadly, all fish seem to look like Shoveltusk Steaks at present, and there doesn’t seem to be a distinction between fishing inland or in coastal waters. If you decide to fish instead of looking at big pink cubes and getting a headache, you’ll be catching Redberry Mandarin, Golden Carp (well DUH) and Jade Lungfish. Let’s hope Cookery’s gonna catch up with this soon…
  • You now get rested bonus at the Drunken Hozen where I set my HS. Hooray!
  • Plump Intestines have had the Volatiles removed from them \o/ Sadly, they are only giving cash when opened. I look forward to Spirits in the not-too-distant…
  • Still nothing tameable for Hunters. Expect this will happen when we see the new Pet talents appear.
  • Crabs (which were not last time I checked) are now skinnable. I should go find some spiders…
Drops, not unsurprisingly, from Wasps.

We’ll come to you with more news, as we have it… :D

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