This is broken. No, really, it is ^^

The rumours of Large Pink Cubes in beta can be confirmed by this reporter, who has now got a headache having to wade through them. However this is not about what’s broken, this is about what appears to be fixed.

No sites left in the Jade Forest… :D

The secondary site I found when I first started digging is no longer bugged, and when excavated a third site opened up. Once that was gone… well I’ll need XP to be re-introduced and access to the rest of the map before I can advance my skills.

What did I learn from my brief Archaeology binge?

  • Sites could be excavated SIX times (bear in mind I’m a Dwarf though and I have a racial)
  • First site yielded 48 fragments, second site yielded 43
  • I picked up two Pandaren Oracle Bones in my digging
  • None of the new icons or a logo for the Pandaren Digging are yet active in the Professions window. Each item solved only vends for 1g each, I suspect that will change.
  • Each solve gave me ONE Profession Point.

Part of me thinks this might be close to what we’ll see Archaeology panning out when Live: lots more digging, each site will give you some gold (plus many of these items may give Lore flavoured rewards and we still have no idea as yet what high level items might/will be added outside Pandaria) but it will still be a ‘grind’.

Needless to say, this looks greatly encouraging from the small sample… :D

4 thoughts on “[BETA] Archaeology Update!

  1. I was getting points in early beta from Tol'vir solves but have not been back to check them yet, but I will. Skill ups were only coming from solves at 86 and not from digging, but I assume when XP is re-enabled I'll get that on each successful solve… :D


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