139 Vendor recipes? I’m off to Northrend, aren’t I? :(

I am informed there is an Expansion coming :D

With this fact finally registering after a couple of weeks there is now the realisation (yet again) I have EVERY PROFESSION on a Toon, and I’m going to have to level them all over again. Add to this that this time around I have one secondary profession (Cookery) which will have further branches of specialisation, and I realise there’s no way I’m doing this without a plan. Most of my alts are maxxed on Cookery because I’m a sad completist. This means I can (potentially) send five alts down a specialisation path each. That could be worth a few gold if the items aren’t Soulbound :D

First off I’m going to need more bag space.

Secondly, I should probably consider some other variables, namely:

  • Who’s going to get levelled first
  • What Professions will be of the most use at Launch
  • What (if anything) will I want to be selling at Launch
  • What needs to be offloaded before Launch
  • Which raw materials I should stockpile to ‘kick-start’ each profession beforehand.

Whilst I ponder on this, I’ve made a list. This is all the family with the Professions maxxed, what professions they currently have, and what bag types/items they are currently using.

  • P (Skinning/Leatherworking)
    Skinning Bag, Leather, Volatiles
  • W (Elixir Alchemist/Jewelcrafting)
    Herb Bag/Gem Bag/Cata herbs and gems
  • K (Tailor/Enchanter)
    Enchanting Mats (Vanilla onwards) Cloth Bolts (same)
  • M [Rogue] (Engineering/Mining)
    Engi Mats (from Vanilla), Mining Bags, Cata Ore & Bars
  • N (Enchanting/Inscription)
    Scribe Satchels (inks from Vanilla), Enchanting Bag (Cata mats only)
  • S (Herbalism/Skinning)
    Herb Bag
  • M [Shaman] (Blacksmithing/Mining)
    Mining Bag (Cata ores), BS stuff from vanilla
  • M [Druid] (Flask Alchemist/Herbalism)
    Herbalism Bags, (Herbs from vanilla onwards)
  • G (Engineering/Mining)
    Engi Mats (from Vanilla), Mining Bags, Bars (from Vanilla onwards)
  • B (Jewelcrafter/Miner)
    Languishing in SW doing naff all.

There are two engis here so that I have access to both Gobin and Gnome Pets. There are two Alchemists to take advantage of transmutes and to give Flask and Elixir procs. I don’t need two Enchanters any more, if I’m honest, but both have rare recipes that don’t as yet overlap so I am loathed to reduce this to one. I had two before the days of Scrolls so I could enchant across two accounts… blimey, how did we ever manage without Scrolls ^^

Anyway I digress. I am considering levelling a third Alchemist for procs. I am also looking at swapping S’s skinning skill for mining. I may yet dump an Enchanter altogether. What I do know however is that I have a lot of things I could be doing running up to the Expansion, and if I want them done I’ll need to get started soon…

4 thoughts on “In which there is ACTUAL PLANNING.

  1. Hi! I just started reading your blog today (thanks to the egg hunt!) and I was wondering – what addon are you using to manage your tradeskills? That picture looks very different from my plain ol' default settings.



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