I woke up to MMO’s data-mining of some ACTUAL PROFESSIONS INFORMATION, and once I had recovered from the shock (^^) I took a bit of time to digest what we were given. If you want the exhaustive list I strongly suggest you check out the relevant post: as I’m not a data miner but a commenter, I’ll cherry pick some details from this post, most particularly what raw materials you can expect to be gathering in your early weeks on the Island. Time to start remembering what’s going to be worth keeping and what can be vended… :D

Old icons but NEW HERBS \o/

So, Herbalism first. Here’s the items you’re going to be looking for:

  • Silkweed
  • Rain Poppy
  • Green Leaf Tea
  • Fool’s Cap
  • Snow Lily
  • Golden Lotus (being shown as green quality by MMO)

As that Lotus is green it’s unlikely this early on you’ll be herbing them alone, I’m betting they will be a chance to drop with another herb(s). However, looking at what will be our new Volatiles list, that might not be the case:

  • Spirit of Spring (Living)
  • Spirit of Summer (Fire)
  • Spirit of Autumn (Earth)
  • Spirit of Winter (Water)
  • Spirit of the Season

There is also the Spirit of Harmony, which I’ve established is a random mob drop. Let’s go out on a limb here: there will be water, fire, earth and living elementals on the new continent so I’ll assume that they’ll all drop at least one of these as shown above. The wildcard one is interesting, especially the tooltip: “Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter…” I’m betting this will be an actionable item from higher level mobs, possibly boss mobs, that gives a chance to drop a combination of Spirits. It could also be part of the Reward Cache you get as part of the new Bonus Roll system. Will we have Spirits of Summer and Autumn dropping from mining nodes? Will we get Spring from herbs? For that we need gathering implemented on Beta, and as of an hour ago my Plump Intestines from skinning were still yielding Volatiles. Perhaps on Thursday…

Next up, the Mining list:

  • Ghost Iron
  • Manticyte
  • White Trillium (Green quality)
  • Black Trillium (Green quality)

This is something of a departure: am gonna guess Black Trillium is somehow Sha-tainted ore (that’s the Panda’s version of corruption if you’re not keeping up)  where as the White Stuff is the pure version. MMO are also showing a +15 Mining Pick in game files which will allow miners with a gathering enchant to get +20 and put them on a par with herbalists and skinners. Would love to know where this comes from… :D

Finally I can fill in the gaps on my Skinning list:

  • Tanji Leather Scraps
  • Tanji Leather
  • Heavy Tanji Leather
  • Prismatic Scale
  • Magnificent Hide (blue quality)

Looks like there’s no Dragon Scale or equivalent as yet. Considering how many beasts I’ve skinned in beta thus far the Hide’s drop rate looks as if it will be as low as in previous expansions. Let’s hope I can swap Heavy Tanji for them as we can currently for Pristine Hides…

Needless to say as it stands only Skinning is currently active in beta and I think will receive some tuning before very long. If and when that changes you’ll here about it… :D

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