Screenie from MMO Champion.

Looking through the professions list I saw two items that caught my attention. One was the Silver Filigree Flask and the other is this Awesome Potion. The tooltip is rather confusing, especially as the Endless Master Healing Potion is marked as blue quality and with a different icon. However, if you look at the the tooltip for the Flask, things begin to make sense:

I’m REALLY hoping this could be the start of a trend…

I think both these items will be seeded in appropriate-level Instance loot tables. I’d bet they’ll be one for a Mana potion too, and they will only be lootable by Alchemists, the same way that Jewelcrafters can pick up specific items currently for trinkets. I’m REALLY hoping this is the first indicator that all professions will be given additional quests whilst levelling… we’ll have to see when we get more details on the other Professions.

If it is then it’s a big step in the right direction :D

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