As the lunacy of the weekend had died down a bit I thought I’d venture back to the Island.

Ooh look, new level.

Once you hit 86 you stop gaining XP, so I assume I’ll be off again on Thursday morning (making a quiet mental bet we’ll be getting weekly Beta Builds, on a Thursday. It’s been the case for the last two ^^) when I also assume the World will open up a bit. First thing I check at 86 is Talents before remembering it doesn’t work like that any more…

So no Glyph swapping until they give us Inscription, then...

I suppose if I’d thought about it I’d have worked out that Dust of Disappearance would be useless past 85: I’m rather glad I transferred my Scribe over before the rush, and a herbalist to boot… but we need recipes. At least I know what to look for. Also note that these tomes allow you to change a talent… :O

I have quested onwards for an hour and a bit this morning, and have reached the point that ANY screenies are going to give the entire Starting Area game away, so we will instead focus on what will now be referred to as the Grey Trash Drops of Mystery…

The most interesting bag I own :D

That pile of purple Prismatic Scales seem to be the equivalent of Deepsea Scales currently: they drop from crocs, eels and turtles in fairly consistent numbers, so I’d expect them to be a strong constituent in LW recipes. I’ve kept the four Plump Intestines unopened so I can open one every new Beta Build in the hope of stuff that’s not Volatile. The stack of 11 Gumweed I suspect may be indicative of a move back to area-specific mini-buffs:

Useful resource = class specific, intelligent buffs :D

I also gathered the grey items so you can see the flavour text. Only one directly suggests vendor sale, so I am still holding out a hope there is more to these items than initially meets the eye:

Drop :: Basilisks
Drop :: Mistlurkers (obviously)
Drop :: Porcupines!
Go on, work it out ^^

Drop :: Tigers

Rest assured that we’ll be keeping an eye out for overpriced grey trash drops as we move through the new world. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be hearing about this here anywhere else either :P

Yet again, I want to make a guild called ‘Temp Weapon’

I will continue questing later, but for now I leave you with this. The meditation quest is a PIG. I’d suggest a change or some instructions at least or lot of people are going to get really, really cross :P

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