I seem to have made it through to Round Three of Mog Madness.

I was really nervous all week, I’ll admit. I’m not a big fan of contests. I leave the competitive stuff to the other members of my family and although I will admit I have my moments, it’s normally replaced very quickly with a desire to go hide at the back. Looking at the proposed outfits as they appeared over the week on other people’s websites I got even more nervous. You guys are GOOD, really very clever and see ways of combining things with other things that frankly I don’t even consider. It was probably a good thing it was a mail outfit that I had to use, because in the end I’ve wanted something new for P that wasn’t black, and that would go with my staff.

Looking like an NPC? Totally accidental.

My overriding desire when I make an outfit is subtlety. I’m not looking to stand out in the crowd, I’m just after something that makes me feel comfortable wearing it. I’m also quite keen on creating outfits that match with the ‘personality’ of the toon wearing them. P has always been about doing her job without fuss, and being able to meld into a crowd if required. I was frankly stunned when the judges suggested this could be an NPC outfit as a result. I’d done my best to make it look fluid and for the belt to be almost unnoticeable, which I think I achieved.

As I’m wearing it in game, with a staff

For those who ask about such things, here is the item breakdown:

  • Nixod’s Chain-Threshed Spaulders 
  • Knight’s Cloak
  • Vicious Gladiator’s Chain Armour 
  • Vicious Gladiator’s Chain Gloves
  • Tortured Bracer
  • Blue Belt of Chaos
  • Nexus Strider Legwraps
  • Defender Boots

The next round should be interesting, as I try and build my outfits in game with the actual items, and The Wavemender’s Mantle looks like it has a fairly low drop rate from the Black Temple ^^

[EDIT: I caved and got Mog It. The Round 3 outfit is done and with the judges. You’ll have to wait until this time next week to see it though… :P]

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