So, how many people here actually came to enjoy the Instance…?

My good friend, Mr G. Elf, made a post yesterday about the new LFR Loot Rules. His ‘Boss Teeth’ idea is a good one, but part of me knows that there are times in random groups when loot isn’t the problem.

It’s the people.

Last night I watched a spectacularly unpleasant LFR. It wasn’t the dps that was the problem, or indeed the tactics, it was five people, all from the same Guild. They weren’t interested in the loot, far from it. What they’d come to do was grief, and that’s what they did. Unluckily for them they were in the same raid as my husband and four others from my Guild, who don’t take this kind of wank from anyone, especially individuals who think that it’s cool to chain pull mobs, abuse others and keep themselves alive whilst others die. They refused to act reasonably and respond to polite requests to stop, and as soon as they were challenged they began to make it not about the instance, but the ‘mean’ people who were telling them to stop being idiots. They could do what they liked, and it didn’t matter.

In the end, the loot became secondary. It became about convincing enough people these guys did not deserve to finish the instance, that they should be removed before the last boss went down.

Eventually everyone got angry. Healers refused to heal, people were willingly dying so that the raid wiped and the offending mage, his priest friend and a couple of other idiots could be removed. As one sensible voice after another chimed into Raid the idiots would shout in caps for them to be kicked, or complain their dps was too low. Eventually on Hagara it got to the point where the five guys who had caused all the issues were the only ones who remained, desperately trying to dispatch the boss so they could ‘win.’ The moment the Mage died he was kicked, with his priest friend leaving moments afterwards. The other three remained however and tried to wipe the raid (I assume as revenge) but failed, and the relief I saw as a result was palpable.

No-one should have the right to hold a Raid to ransom like that, but I’m betting it happens a lot more than anyone is prepared to admit.

My one main worry before LFR was introduced was that this kind of behaviour was going to take place, and there would be no way to prevent it. It doesn’t matter what loot rules you put in place, you’re never going to find a way to restrict idiots like this. Some people’s idea of enjoyment is a Universe away from everyone else’s, and thriving on other’s upset and discomfort is something that, quite frankly, makes me ill just thinking about it. It happens across Azeroth, on countless servers, and the ONLY way that things will ever change is if enough people take the time to report these individuals to GM’s, and to make their names known as the type of people you’d never want to group with, even in nightmares.

Next time you find yourself in a Group with someone like this, PLEASE report them. If you have someone in your Guild who thinks this is cool and you don’t, maybe it’s time to find a new home.

This is bullying. Bullying is wrong, however anonymous you might think you are. Make sure people like this are reported please, and please take the time to make a Ticket. It’s not pointless, if enough people do the same GM’s will sit up and take notice. You will do everyone a favour in the long run.

However good the loot rules are, they’ll never stop people who think they are beyond the rules. It’s our job to make sure these people are dealt with, to make this game a safer and happier place for everyone to play in.

3 thoughts on “With the Best Will in the World…

  1. Wow, what drama I missed when I skipped Part 2 to watch The Apprentice. :-)

    Biggest problem for me is the time it takes to be able to initiate a Vote to Kick, especially as all it needs to start the later bosses is talking to an NPC.

    Idiots will always be idiots, alas.


  2. I'm very happy that you all took action and that you didn't stay quiet and let them have their way.

    I too am not the type that can let bullying or unfair behavior pass without saying my opinion. The most disheartening answer you can get from a group when you report wrongdoings in raid/bg-chat is “So? Most people would do that if they could”. Like we should all give up, and let people be asshats. :/ When instead we can actually act and make the game better for the rest of us!

    Thank you for the nice post. :)


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